Choosing a Landscape Irrigation System

A good irrigation system is not just great for your lawn and plants, it’s a simple way to save you time so that you can spend it enjoying your weekend rather than standing around hosing down plants. Moveable sprinklers need to be lugged around and you’ll still need to keep an eye on them. They'll also result in a lot of water wastage. An irrigation system finely and evenly disperses water so you won’t waste as much, and you can set it to turn itself on and off so you don’t need to keep an eye on it. As such, a reliable landscape irrigation or sprinkler system is an indispensable tool in keeping your Hudson Valley, NY yard in top shape while saving yourself time and money. Here are some tips to help you choose the best irrigation system for you.


Most irrigation systems come with a timer these days, but don’t be caught without one. Setting your irrigation system to operate automatically at certain times allows you to set your timer and let your lawn and plantings take care of themselves. A timer can always be adjusted according to the weather, but a more efficient option would be to fit your irrigation system with rain and moisture sensors.

Rain, moisture and freeze sensors

Rain sensors are normally mounted on your roof’s guttering and interrupt a sprinkling cycle immediately when rain is detected. For maximum convenience, a wireless rain sensor is recommended. Moisture sensors are similar but measure the moisture contained in the soil and can be programmed to initiate or interrupt a sprinkling cycle according to the dampness of the ground. These are handy for using only the absolute necessary amount of water to effectively nourish your plants while preventing overwatering. To prevent damage to your pipes and sprinkler heads during winter, a freeze sensor prevents the system from operating in sub-zero temperatures.

Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is another important accessory to include in your irrigation system. This is used to make sure that the pressure of the water running through your pipes remains at a safe level for your particular system. An excessively high pressure can cause burst pipes, leaks along joints and damage to your sprinkler heads, while a pressure that is too low will provide ineffective irrigation.

Choosing a Landscape Irrigation System Hudson Valley NY

Types of sprinkler heads

A good irrigation system should provide several levels of irrigation designed for different purposes. Spray heads can be used for your lawn in order to disperse water widely and evenly across a large surface area. Drip irrigation heads should be used for deep soil penetration needed for reaching the roots of trees and shrubs without damaging delicate plants and flowers nearby. Fine spray heads or settings can be used for providing air humidity, cooling and moisture to delicate plants.

Retractable heads

Retractable irrigation heads installed in your lawn make mowing easier without causing damage to your sprinklers and are so called because they spring back to a level flush with the ground once a sprinkler cycle is completed. While retractable heads are handy, it is important to ensure a solid, simple design that will not jam or become clogged with grass or dirt.