Why You Should Invest in a Regular Professional Tree Service Plan

Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression that they can enjoy the benefits provided by the trees in their Hudson Valley, NY yard without returning the favor in the form of some occasional tender loving care. While trees are strong, hardy plants that are largely self-sufficient in terms of feeding themselves and getting water from the soil, they do require human intervention in ensuring optimal health and appearance. For this, a tree expert is the best way to go. Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in a regular tree care service.

Promote tree health

While a thick canopy is a good sign of tree health, a dense thatch of dry twigs can inhibit healthy growth and increase the chances of rot and fungus setting in by blocking sunlight and airflow to inner and lower levels of the tree. A regular pruning program can help alleviate this risk as well as prevent weak and narrow forks from splitting. Pruning also removes crossed branches so that the tree is not damaged when large limbs rub against one another.

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Protect trees against pests and rot

The eye of a pro is quick to detect the early warning signs of rot or the infestation of insects and other parasites that can adversely affect the health and lifespan of your tree. Preventative action can save the life of your tree, guard against further harm and protect your property from the damage of affected tree limbs when they become dislodged. A professional can also help with an intervention program when the decay is in an advanced stage. Even so, this is definitely a case where prevention is better than cure.

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Why You Should Invest in a Regular Professional Tree Service Plan Hudson Valley NY

Get the best out of your trees’ shape and size

Regular pruning is necessary to maintain, enhance or reduce the size of a tree, as well as shape your beloved woody plants. Most homeowners don’t possess the equipment necessary to safely reach the upper branches where trimming is most needed, let alone cut the branch without damaging the tree or themselves. Let the pro’s take on the responsibility and do what they do best when it comes for caring for your trees.

Increase property value

Well shaped and well cared for trees just look better. If you’re looking to maintain your curb appeal or entice potential buyers, regular tree maintenance is necessary to get the lush foliage and healthy growth that will set your yard above the rest. This also helps minimize the cost of getting your trees showhouse ready in a short period of time in a quick attempt to impress appraisers.

Prevent damage to power and telephone lines

Avoid the inconvenience of power or telephone line disruptions caused by overgrown tree limbs. A professional tree maintenance service will take care of branches that are impossible to reach without the correct equipment and make sure that errant branches don’t stray too close to the lines. This kind of pre-emptive trimming will also help protect your gutters, roof and boundary walls before the next storm dislodges dangerously positioned tree-limbs.

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