Combining Core-Aeration & Slice Seeding This Fall!

Combining Core-Aeration and Slice Seeding gives your lawn twice the soil exposure. In addition, it relieves soil compaction so that new roots can easily penetrate and establish.


What about thatch?

Thatch is the layer just above the soil of decaying plant life- mainly dead grass stems, crowns and roots. Even if you use a mulching mower, thatch continues to build up, forming a habitat for insects and disease. Aeration is an easy way to break through the thatch and open up the soil beneath.

How about your soil composition?

Soil, especially if it has a lot of clay like here in the Hudson Valley, can become compacted and dense. It’s hard for anything, including roots of plants, to get through. Taking out plugs gives the soil a new lease on life. Soil and roots can expand into the created spaces. Every lawn benefits from aeration at least once a year.


Core Aeration

Core Aeration can open up your lawn to getting a lot more of what it needs for recovery from summer stress. An aerator pulls out thousands of plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn. The hollow blades of the aerator cut through the thatch layer and into the soil, the leave the plugs to decompose on top of the ground. The wide open paths where the plugs used to be allow for easy penetration of life-giving air, water and nutrients.

Slice Seeding

Slice seeding is the method of actually applying seed but also creating “proper” growth pockets for new seedlings. You’ll gain maximum germination as well as all of the benefits of Core Aeration. After such a hard summer on lawns, renovating your lawn in such a way dramatically improves your turf stand for years to come!

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