Why Lime?

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Nearly every homeowner desires an attractive lawn because this is one feature which most enhances the appearance of the average home grounds. Healthy, attractive lawns are not an accident but the result of a regularly and carefully executed maintenance program. This applies to the soil as well as to the turf grass itself. Here at Lehigh it is serious business.

It is known that turf grasses will not grow well in highly acid soils and most well established lawns will require applications of lime. Acid conditions of soils can be brought about by the leaching out of calcium and magnesium. Acid soils are commonly referred to as "sour," whereas alkaline soils are called "sweet." The reaction of soils is measured by the quantity of hydrogen ions in the soil which is expressed by numerical units numbered between 1 and 14. Acid soils are not necessarily infertile but an indication that the supply of calcium and magnesium is low and needs replenishing. More importantly, high acidity or low pH levels may also cause other nutrients to be unavailable to the turf. The general rule is, the greater the acidity of the soil, the greater the need for lime.

Lime is primarily a soil amendment or conditioner and not a fertilizer. Lime performs several important functions including correcting soil acidity, furnishing important plant nutrients by supplying calcium and magnesium, reducing the solubility and toxicity of certain elements in the soil such as aluminum, manganese, and iron. This toxicity could reduce plant growth under acid conditions. Liming promotes availability of major plant nutrients. Calcium acts as a regulator and aids in bringing about the desirable range of availability of many plant nutrients. It increases bacterial activity and hence induces favorable soil structure by the addition of decayed organic matter. Because of this the soil becomes more porous, increasing air circulation and the ability of the soil to absorb and hold moisture.

When you contact Lehigh about our Liming program, we will perform a PH test of your soil to determine the correct amount of lime needed for optimum benefit to your soil and turf. To obtain maximum efficiency and faster action, we recommend liming in the fall, which is the best time to apply lime to your lawn. Although it can be applied in the winter or spring, if there is a need to do so. Lime will be spread evenly and at the proper rate over the entire turf area to insure maximum distribution and effectiveness. Call us today to make sure your lawn is provided all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and always look its best!