Dealing with Beetle-Infested Trees? Hire a Tree Service in Lagrangeville, NY

The beauty of the trees you’ve enjoyed for years could be marred once you lay eyes on beetles in your Lagrangeville, NY, landscape. These little, pesky bugs near your plants, shrubs, or trees could suggest an infestation has occurred or is imminent. If you have any concerns that your trees could be infested with beetles, it’s wise to consult with your local tree service to rectify the problem before it worsens or spreads.

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Dealing with Beetle-Infested Trees? Hire a Tree Service in Lagrangeville, NY  

Finding an Infestation

Numerous types of beetles can attack different parts of your trees. Luckily, spotting an infestation is a pretty consistent experience, regardless of what type of beetle you have and where they’re causing damage. If you begin to see beetles swarming your trees or crawling on the bark, it’s probably time to hire a tree service to treat this possible infestation. A skilled and experienced staff can not only help you identify where the infestation is happening, but they can also create a plan of action to eliminate it efficiently and thoroughly.

Spotting the Problem Early

With our thorough approach and keen eye for detail, your trees and shrubs can be monitored throughout the growing season to find any signs of insect damage before they become out of hand. If insect damage is found, action plans are formed and taken immediately to protect your trees. This full plant care will preserve the investment you have made in caring for your landscape while ensuring that your trees are kept as healthy and as long-lasting as possible.

Why You Need a Tree Service

Dealing with a bug infestation is best left to experts. Insect damage can set in quickly and progress at a rapid rate—and become worse if the right treatment isn’t applied. Experienced tree service professionals will thoroughly assess where exactly the infestation is occurring. They will quickly and accurately figure out the extent of any infestation and gather the necessary tools to rid your beloved trees of these problematic pests.

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Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable professional will also eliminate the worry of a problem like this recurring. Our experienced staff can also monitor your trees for any sign of a return and begin to treat the problem immediately, rather than allowing it to turn into another infestation.

You don’t want your gorgeous trees overcome with beetles. To ensure the safety and protection for all of your trees and shrubs, consider hiring a tree service to treat any possible infestations, care for new or existing trees, and prevent bug or beetle problems from happening in the first place. Keep your landscape free of these issues with our professional, thorough, and skillful team.