The Most Effective Methods of Killing Weeds in Pleasant Valley, NY

Weeds can choke the life out of existing plants and make your landscape cry out for quality maintenance. That’s why it’s important to keep weeds from encroaching on your Pleasant Valley, NY, backyard. Looking for weed killer? Ridding your garden and lawn of weeds will improve your overall exterior and ensure that the plantings you want are healthy and thriving. Here are the most effective methods of killing weeds:

Fertilization Goes a Long Way

The Most Effective Methods of Killing Weeds in Pleasant Valley, NY  

When many homeowners think of what’s involved in fertilizing landscapes, they likely think about the nutrients their plants will receive. But it’s so much more than that: When knowledgeable and skilled professionals carry out the proper fertilization techniques, it’s a top way to keep weeds at bay. When your lawn is properly fertilized and regularly maintained, grass’ roots can readily take in the necessary water they need as they are consistently strengthened with the constant care and attention. With all this in place, weeds simply can’t germinate as easily as they would otherwise.

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Overseeding and Aeration

When your lawn is regularly maintained by trained professionals, you’ll see differences in the general quality of your landscape. Other ways to prevent weed growth that falls into the category of consistent maintenance are overseeding and aeration. With overseeding, weeds aren’t able to take root because thinning areas in your lawn are always being filled in with new grass. As for aeration, the soil is perforated so that nutrients, air, and water can make their way to grass roots. Both these things allow for healthier consistent growth—and a beautiful green lawn you’ll love.

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Knowledge Is Power

A reason to want experts like Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. dealing with potential weed problems is our collective knowledge, amassed over years, that helps us to quickly figure out how best to tackle your weeds. Different types of weeds exist, and elimination techniques that might work perfectly for one type may take longer for another.

Take crabgrass for example. The name is misleading as it’s not grass, but a weed. Crabgrass loves to have a footing during the summer months, and can take over a lawn that’s not well-maintained. Our approach would be to check for the crabgrass from as early as spring, to make sure it’s unable to put down roots. Under the treatment of pre-emergent herbicide, this weed’s seeds can’t even sprout, which means a crabgrass-free summer for you. Keep in mind, this is possible only if you call in knowledgeable experts who can get ahead of potential weeding issues before they start.  

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Don’t Go Amateur

There’s so much on the line when it comes to ensuring that you have the best care for your landscape. With top-notch maintenance services, as well as those for premiere lawn care such as those we provide, your landscape is in capable hands. Ask about our All Lehigh 6 Step Fertilizer or Premium 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program to get you well on your way to a healthy, weed-free lawn and garden.