Here's What An Arborist Can Do For You This Spring

Tree health is certainly not limited to a specific season. Rather it is something to be taken into account at all times of the year to ensure thriving tree life in your Wappinger Falls, NY backyard, and a greener landscape overall. Each new season comes with a different focus in tree maintenance. Summer is an excellent time for pruning after the spring growth season. Fall is the time to prepare trees for the winter, while winter pruning ensures healthy spring growth. During the spring, an arborist’s focus is on ensuring the tree remains protected and healthy during its peak growth season. Here are just some of the ways an arborist can help ensure your tree achieves its optimal growth potential during springtime.

Repair winter damage

Over winter, low temperatures, frost, snow and heavy wind may take its toll on your tree’s weaker limbs. Before delicate new buds begin to sprout, an arborist will be able to clear away dead branches to allow new leaves better access to sunlight and ensure a neater spring growth. An arborist will also be able to make sure that any winter damage is not exacerbated by fungal or insect infestation during the spring, allowing the tree to heal itself during this new growth period. During this period, as the last of the snow and frost melts away, the roots of trees are exposed to damp soil that may not dry or drain away fast enough. This makes rot another springtime concern. An arborist will be able to advise on and institute preventative or reactive solutions to this.

Prevent springtime pests

The trees and plants in your landscape aren’t the only things that burst with new life at this time of year. Fungal spores that have been dormant through the winter are now activating and insect-life is once again flourishing, making untreated winter wounds and delicate new shoots particularly vulnerable. An arborist will be able to assist you in preventing and treating fungal or insect damage to your trees while they’re still in their vulnerable post-winter state.

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Ensure better growth during spring

Here's What An Arborist Can Do For You This Spring in Wappinger Falls NY

During the spring, trees naturally ramp up their processes after their period of dormancy. In order to ensure lush green foliage, strong limbs and abundant yields for fruit trees, ample nutrients must be delivered to the tree’s root system at this point. An arborist will be able to ensure your trees receive the correct nutrients in the appropriate dosages with a spring fertilization program.

Plant new trees

Early spring is an excellent time for transplanting mature trees once the ground has thawed. A transplanted tree will be able to use the spring growth period to establish itself in its new environment. For many tree species, spring is also an opportune time for initial planting. The spring growth period and abundant resources will give a seedling a head start on establishing itself before the next winter. Early spring planting also allows a sapling the longest possible period in which to fully develop its root systems before its first period of dormancy. If you are considering planting or transplanting trees, an arborist will be able to ensure that the new additions to your landscape have the best possible chance of flourishing.

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