How Core Aeration Prepares Your Putnam County, NY, Lawn for Fertilizer

When you want your Putnam County, NY lawn to be as healthy as it can be, core aeration is a landscape maintenance step you don’t want to ignore. Here’s why this is such an important process in professional lawn upkeep, and how core aeration prepares your lawn for fertilizer:

How Core Aeration Prepares Your Putnam County, NY, Lawn for Fertilizer  

Core Aeration Broken Down

Before you decide to have a professional lawn maintenance crew get started with core aeration, it’s best to know what it is. This way you’ll have a good overview of every step of the process that will see your lawn on the best path to healthy recovery. Unfortunately, because lawns go through so much “trauma” – pedestrian traffic, soil weight, and snow, for example, it’s not long before the ground in which the lawn grows becomes packed and hard. This results in new grass roots being unable to properly establish themselves, as they simply can’t reach down far enough. Core aeration makes all that possible again with the use of a core aeration machine. Compact layers of soil are punctured and broken up, so your lawn can once again provide an environment that’s suitable to the growth of grass shoots.

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At Lehigh Lawn & Landscaping Inc., we use core aeration to create a seedbed that assists drainage and is hospitable to new growth. One-inch to three-inch soil cores are pulled by the thousands, creating new growth zones so that seeds can make contact with the soil.

Why Overseeding Comes Next

We have a three-step process to getting you a lawn that everyone will be envious of, and the step just before fertilization and right after core aeration is overseeding. This process fills in bare patches of lawn and works without having to remove any existing turf or turning the soil. In fact, grass seeds can be planted where existing turf is already growing. As new shoots take root, there will be multiple improvements in the health of your lawn, including improved grass color and greater turf density. Your Putnam County, NY, property deserves star quality treatment. We do this by using high-quality grass seed for overseeding.

Fertilizer Brings it Full Circle

To ensure the best possible outcomes for your lawn, and avoid the damaging your turf with subpar fertilizers, you need professional lawn maintenance service. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping ensure that the right fertilizer for your grass and soil type is used. Not to mention the fact that our knowledgeable landscape experts will be able to let you know what to expect in the time that follows your core aeration, overseeding, and fertilization processes.

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We use a fertilizer that has been specially formulated to suit your lawn’s nutritional requirements to ensure strong, healthy grass. For yards with compacted soil, fertilization is best done following core aeration to ensure deep penetration of the fertilizer into soil.

Instead of doing it yourself with trial and error to determine what works to achieve a gorgeous lawn that features strong, healthy grass, choose us at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping for optimum lawn health and consistent results.