Using Organic Fertilizer in July on Your Hudson Valley, NY Lawn

July brings summer barbecues, poolside lounging, and excessive heat.  This heat, though enjoyable for summer activities, can wreak havoc on your lawn and leave you spending a beautiful summer with a not-so-beautiful lawn.  

The solution? Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow fully and lushly by treating your lawn with organic fertilizer. The result will be a thriving green lawn that survives even the harshest of summer days.

Using Organic Fertilizer in July on Your Hudson Valley, NY Lawn  

Why You Should Use Fertilizer

Fertilizers serve to feed lawns with the nutrients they need to grow.  Some of these nutrients are readily available, like oxygen and carbon, while others are sparser in supply, like nitrogen or potassium. The purpose of fertilizer is to provide lawns with most, if not all, of the nutrients and elements they need to grow bountifully. Fertilizers make lawns more fertile, which leads to more lasting growth and overall health.

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Why You Should Avoid Chemical Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are manufactured to bind chemical elements and fillers in specific ratios to provide the optimal result in the treated lawn, i.e., a lawn that is green, full, and vibrant.  Chemical fertilizers are often inexpensive and are commonly used in lawn care because of the exactness of their ratios of desired nutrients. These fertilizers work quickly (often over the span of a few days) to make even the driest of lawns more beautiful. Though chemical fertilizers include many elements that are found in nature, the manufacturing process leaves these elements stripped of their natural state and without many of their natural advantages.

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Chemical fertilizers attempt to provide the nutrients a lawn needs synthetically, but can often end up causing more harm than good. Temporarily, a chemically treated lawn may look green and lush, but underneath the surface, the chemicals used can begin to damage your lawn’s ecosystem. The natural organic matter and organisms that live within that ecosystem could disappear entirely, leaving your lawn with long-term damage and making it more difficult to revive that lush result from the first application of chemical fertilizer. In reaction to this damage, many homeowners feel they have no choice but to continue to apply chemical fertilizers to revitalize their once-beautiful lawn.

Why Organic Fertilizers are Superior

Organic fertilizers are minimally processed, leaving nutrients in their natural form. Organic fertilizers are often comprised of animal waste or powdered minerals. Because of this composition, not only do organic fertilizers release nutrients into the lawn and the soil, they also break down and decompose naturally, which helps strengthen the soil long-term.  

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Organic fertilizers work differently from chemical fertilizers in that they work slowly and cannot guarantee exact nutrients in each bag of fertilizer. However, the long-lasting benefits of organic fertilizer, as well as the long-term health benefits that the use of such fertilizer provides the environment and ecosystem around your home, are far superior to any temporary aesthetic benefit that chemical fertilizers may offer.

A Healthy, Organic, Fertile Lawn in Hudson Valley

Your lawn deserves long-lasting health and beauty; your landscape deserves soil that will lead to fruits and vegetables that you can be proud to feed to your family.

Therefore, organic fertilizer is the optimal approach to ensuring long lasting health and vibrancy for your lawn.