How to Make Use of Your NY Outdoor Kitchen During Fall

Thinking that the days of enjoying your outdoor kitchen spaces are over when fall begins is a common assumption, but it doesn’t have to be true. You can still have a good time in your outdoor kitchen in Wappingers Falls, NY, during fall, but you may want to consider making a few adjustments to cater to the season and your guests appropriately. Pay attention to the details, both large and small, and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen well into the colder months.

Make It Cozy

How to Make Use of Your Outdoor Kitchen during Fall in Wappingers Falls, NY

Cooler temperatures provide the perfect opportunity for cozy intimacy. The cold brings gatherings together around the fire pit or in front of the fireplace of your outdoor kitchen space. In front of a crackling fire, a soothing ambience is created that encourages your guests’ comfort. Throw in a bit of hot cocoa, as well as a few warm blankets, and your outdoor kitchen space is prime for romantic and social occasions. In the ideal outdoor kitchen, you’ll find ample space for guests, but remember that fall will require adjustments to the space to protect them from the chill in the air and the discomfort of cold outdoor furniture as well.

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Seasonal Foods

Hosting a dinner where you serve chili, jambalaya, or another seasonal dish is perfect for a brisk day when the warmth and comfort of the meal can best be appreciated. The chill in the air calls out for some comfort foods, and what could be better than preparing and serving these in the great outdoors? Use your outdoor kitchen for food preparation, keep the fire going, and bring in some fall worthy decorations for a harvest time feast.

Substitute for Tailgating

Fall is time for football, and when you have an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy the game while experiencing the fun of tailgating right at home. Whether you have an outdoor media center incorporated into your patio space or find a temporary video solution, all of your football loving family and friends can join you for a memorable day of fresh air, good company, and football joy. During half time, gather your friends and step off the hardscape for a pickup game with the pig skin among friends.

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Light and Warmth

For the ideal autumn outdoor celebration, remember the early sunset and onset of cold. When the sun goes down, your outdoor kitchen space will require appropriate light and warmth. During summer, these elements are largely unnecessary, so a call to your landscaping design professional might be required before the fall social season gets going.

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Ensure that adequate ambient and task lighting exist while considering adding a reliable source of heating for the outdoor kitchen space. Additionally, you might consider adding a blind to hold in warmth on the patio or block the breeze during windy fall evenings. Add a few candles and a few mugs of spiced rum, and the perfect outdoor kitchen party is yours for the hosting.

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