Landscape Lighting for Safety and Security in Wappingers Falls

Landscape lighting adds beauty and ambiance to your landscape and extends the hours that you can enjoy your yard at night. It’s also one of the best ways to increase safety and security on your Wappingers Falls, NY, property.  A good lighting plan will highlight architectural features and landscape elements, while ensuring high traffic areas and dark corners are adequately lit.

Hire a Professional

Landscape lighting may seem straightforward, but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to lighting your property. A professionally planned lighting system will ensure that your landscape is properly lit for aesthetics, safety, and security.

Knowing which type of light to use and what voltage is best are just some of the ways a professional can improve your landscape lighting. They also know where to place fixtures to avoid shadows and when to use uplighting, spotlights, and path lighting for the best results.

A landscaping company who specializes in outdoor lighting, such as Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc., can also help with advanced features such as timers and multiple programs that will further increase your home’s security. Lights on a timer come on at a set time, ensuring no one arrives home in the dark.  Adding a program that turns on and changes lighting patterns while you’re on vacation is an extra deterrent to would-be intruders. Lights on motion detection sensors are also a good option.

Front Entrance

Your front entrance should be welcoming and inviting – even at night.  A well-lit front entrance will improve the look of your home and make it easier for visitors to approach your door after dark. Entryway lighting should fully illuminate the front porch or steps, alleviating shadows where an intruder could conceal themselves. You also want to avoid harsh lights that shine at eye level. A combination of wall sconces and a flush-mount or pendant light will help achieve the right lighting for your front entrance.

Steps and Walkways

Landscape Lighting for Safety and Security in Wappingers Falls NY

A dark property creates safety risks where they wouldn’t exist during the day. Visitors to your home may not be familiar with traffic patterns or obstacles in your yard. Adequate lighting on walkways and stairs will ensure that everyone can find their way safely.

Well placed landscape lighting will illuminate potential hazards such as steps, low walls, and hanging branches. Your lighting should also highlight gates and other access points. This will help guests find their way in and prevent unwanted visitors from slipping in unnoticed.

Path lights and post lights work well together to illuminate walkways. Step lighting is an ideal way to reduce hazards on stairs. Step lighting is unobtrusive and casts a lovely glow. Lights can be installed on the wall beside the stairs, on risers, or under the lip of stair treads.

Water Features

A well-lit pool or pond will completely transform your nighttime landscape. These features can also pose a safety risk if not properly lit. Underwater lighting will allow for nighttime swimming and make the water’s edge easy to locate. New LED lighting systems create an all-over lighting effect that isn’t as harsh as an underwater spotlight. Pool edges, ladders, stairs, and any extruding features should also be well-lit to avoid accidental falls toward the water.

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When it comes to nighttime cooking, a well-lit work area is a must. Adequate lighting is important for safety while preparing food and to ensure that food is properly cooked. Under-cabinet lighting will make cupboards and appliances easy to locate. Toe kick lighting will cast low-level lighting to help prevent you from tripping and ensure that you can find dropped items.

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