How to Prevent Storm Damage with a Professional Tree Service in Poughuaq, NY

Trees are an important part of your Poughuaq, NY, landscape. A yard without trees feels flat and lacks interest. Trees also provide shade, shelter and privacy, making your outdoor space more enjoyable. When a tree is damaged, it can pose safety hazards for you, your neighbors and your property. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc.’s professional tree services will get your trees back in shape and help prevent future damage.

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Assessing Storm Damage

Your landscape may suffer significant damage during a storm. Just because the storm is over, doesn’t mean it’s safe to start using your yard. To avoid injury and prevent further damage, leave storm ravaged trees alone until they can be evaluated by a tree care professional.

Lehigh’s storm and wind damage experts will visit your property, provide an assessment, and develop a plan for repairs. An arborist will be able to identify risks such as cracks and weak branches that the untrained eye may not see. We can also test your soil and inspect your trees for potential threats, such as disease and decay.

Clean Up Services

A big spring storm can leave a path of fallen limbs and damaged plants in its wake. You may want to try to cleanup your property, but hanging branches and uprooted trees are often unstable and unsafe. A landscaping professional knows where potential risks are and can perform storm clean up safely.

Emergency storm cleanup involves removing trees from houses, roads, sidewalks and driveways, as well as removing weak branches that could fall in one of these areas. Once emergency work is complete, the removal of fallen branches, leaves and other debris from your property can proceed. Cleaning mulch beds and replacing any lost mulch will provide a foundation for strong root systems.

Repair and Removal

After assessing the damage and ensuring all safety hazards are removed, repair work can begin. The first step is to prune back broken or damaged branches, allowing them to start healthy, new growth. Replacing breaks with clean cuts will help prevent disease and insect infestation. Shaping shrubs and ornamental trees will help them bounce back from storm damage. We can also replace any other plants that did not survive the storm.

In the unfortunate event that a tree cannot be saved, it may have to be removed. Tree removal is dangerous work, but Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. has the experience necessary to safely remove trees of all sizes. After the tree is removed, we can also handle stump grinding or stump removal to finish the job.

Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance is the best way to ensure that your trees are healthy and strong. Healthy, trees will hold up under severe weather, while a sick tree can suffer damage even in light winds.  

How to Prevent Storm Damage with a Professional Tree Service in Poughuaq, NY

Overgrown trees are also more susceptible to wind and storm related injuries. Pruning is necessary to remove dead branches and promote better growth. The spread of pests and disease can also significantly weaken trees. A well-maintained tree is less susceptible to these types of nuisances. Regular fertilization creates nutrient rich soil that will provide optimal growing conditions for healthy trees.

Prevent Future Damage

An arborist can also provide recommendations for tree services that will help prevent future damage. They can identify potentially unsafe areas and make suggestions for pruning, cutting or possible removal. By eliminating these risks early, you can minimize damage and safety hazards during future storms.