How Lawn Fertilizer Service Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Poughkeepsie, NY, Property

The quality of your landscaping can go a long way in improving the curb appeal of your Poughkeepsie, NY, property. A thriving, well-nourished lawn coupled with healthy green plants gives the impression of a home that is well taken care of. One definite way of getting the ideal landscape is to invest in a lawn fertilization service, which will give your landscape the professional care and attention needed to really bump up its curb appeal.

Getting rid of those weeds

Weeds are a burden for any landscape, not only competing with your plants for nutrition and water but also being an eyesore. A quality fertilizer service starts by eliminating these pesky plants via a number of methods, the most effective of which being the use of pre-emergent herbicides that stop their growth below the ground and prevent them from surfacing in the first place. However, herbicides have to be carefully administered as they can also damage certain species of grasses. This is why an expert is recommended. With the weeds gone, your lawn will be able to grow uninhibited to its full potential.

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Handling pests

In addition to weeds, pests such as grubs can also ruin a beautiful lawn. These tiny larvae grow under the top layer of the soil, eating away the roots of your grasses. This reduces the plant's efficiency of water uptake and produces unsightly wilting and brown tufts of grass. Moreover, grubs can also attract other animals such as birds and gophers. These pests can make your lawn an eyesore, making pest control an integral part of any lawn improvement program. Through the right combination of pesticides, an expert can ensure your lawn is free from grubs and pests that are bound to bring down the curb appeal of your home.

Quality food for your plants

How Lawn Fertilizer Service Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Poughkeepsie, NY, Property

Lastly, your lawn needs to be provided with the essential fertilizers it needs to grow to its full magnificence. Proper fertilization is a fine science, necessitating a thorough inspection of your landscape’s conditions and even soil tests to identify any nutrient deficiencies. Then, the right combination of fertilizers has to be administered to rectify the nutrient content. Moreover, the amounts and types of fertilizer have to be varied according to the season. Proper fertilizer application before the summer growth spurts can really make a difference for your lawn, keeping it lush and green. Likewise, fertilizer is also essential before winters to keep your plants well fed through the dormant period. This step is an essential prerequisite to revive them to their full glory in spring.

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The type of fertilizer used also plays a pivotal role in not only how your lawn turns out aesthetically, but also its longevity, safety and environmental impact. Organic fertilizers are the go-to products and are favored by any quality fertilization program. Organic fertilizers tend to improve the soil structure while releasing nutrients gradually. Moreover, they do not have any harmful elements such as arsenic and cadmium that can poison your soil. Lastly, they have a minimal environmental impact, as they have a low carbon footprint and they don’t seep into the water system. Through a proper fertilization program, your lawn will be not only be pleasing to look. It will also be safer and more environmentally-friendly, greatly improving the curb appeal of your home.