Keeping Your NY Patio Cool This Summer

Even with high summer temperatures, it’s possible to enjoy outdoor living in comfort on your Lagrangeville, NY patio - so long as some practical adjustments are made to keep it cool. To help bring down the temperature to a comfortable level, here are a few changes you can make.

Keeping Your Lagrangeville, NY Patio Cool This Summer

Lighter Colored Pavers

When it comes to paving your patio, the high school science principle of dark colors retaining more heat than lighter colors still stands. If your patio receives a lot of direct sunlight you might find that the pavers become unbearably hot at certain times of the day. To ensure your pavers remain cool under bare feet, select light colors such as the sunny gold of sandstone, pale limestone or the light grey of granite.

Invest in an Outdoor Misting System

Homeowners and professional establishments can use an outdoor misting system to keep patios cool during the summer. Misting systems bring down high temperatures and cool the skin. They work by cooling the air through the evaporation of water when hot air is hit by water. Water is pumped through the fine openings of a nozzle and out into the warm open air being circulated by a fan or a breeze. The mist produced is very fine so remains barely noticeable apart from the refreshing cooling feeling. These systems can also be used to protect heat sensitive plants and supply moisture to thirsty hanging flowers. This can be connected to your existing outdoor irrigation system.

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Misting fans with water tanks, on the other hand, don’t need to be connected to an external water source, as they have a source of their own from an incorporated water tank. The amount of water the tank can hold varies from model to model, but the average misting fan can last three to seven hours before it needs to be refilled.

As Much Shade as Possible

Umbrellas, gazebos, pergolas, and awnings can be used to attain as much shade as possible. They can even be combined with a misting system to attain the ultimate cooling experience. The shade of a pergola can be enhanced by training vines over the top or by fitting the structure with shade cloth or outdoor curtains. Tall trees and shrubs are other options to include shade for your patio, but will take some time to reach full height and effectiveness.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

An outdoor ceiling fan adds a cool breeze to your patio. It improves air circulation to help people feel more comfortable in the sweltering heat. The fan can be installed on a portable stand for moving around, or can be installed on a sturdy roof, for patios with permanent covering.

Having Some Plants Around

Outdoor plants lower the temperature of the surrounding, since plants naturally release water vapor that cools the air. Including potted plants or plants in retaining wall beds enclosing your patio can help keep temperatures comfortable.

An Outdoor Shower

There may be times you need a faster way to cool down—stepping into a cold spritz of water works. Consider adding an outdoor shower to your pool patio or pool hut to cool down in the summer heat.