4 Dreamy Poolside Patio Designs

If the winter was a little too bleak for you, you’ll be eager to get your pool open and your Westchester County, NY outdoor spaces in order for the spring and summer. Here we’ve put together a number of stunning patio designs that are sure to blow your guests away and help you get your poolside spaces set for an early start to the swimming season.

Peaceful retreat

Many people enjoy seeing their poolside patios as the central feature of an area where they can relax - not only after a refreshing swim but also after a hard day at work. Gentle, flowing lines are a good place to start in the construction of a restful pool area. These can be incorporated into the outline of the swimming pool, the swimming pool surrounds, or surrounding plant beds. The meandering lines can also be used to connect the space with other outdoor areas using winding walkways or curved edged stairs. An outdoor fire can form an excellent central feature for a swimming pool sanctuary, as can a waterfall feature or pool-integrated fountain. A sense of serenity can be accentuated with plenty of greenery, with trees being used to provide both privacy and noise dampening.

4 Dreamy Poolside Patio Designs for Westchester County, NY

Party corner

Poolside patios create the perfect ambiance for relaxation, but they are also great for parties. If you entertain regularly, it’s a good idea to have your poolside patio designed accordingly. One option is to go with different levels, providing separate decks for eating, sunbathing and relaxing. This divides the space to allow groups to form and cluster naturally around a number of separate focal points. A pergola in one section of the patio can offer your guests a place to take shelter from the sun if they so wish, while a fireplace and an illuminated fountain will enhance the party atmosphere after dark. These features will also make temporary decorations easier to erect. Don’t forget to incorporate outdoor speakers into your poolside design to be able to conveniently enjoy music.

Bohemian chic

This design is perfectly suited for people who don’t stick to conventions, who like to go their own way and use their outdoor spaces to express the many facets of their colorful personalities. Using a mix of different styles and making use of bold color combinations, a bohemian chic poolside incorporates elements of Asian and Middle Eastern design, particularly in the choice of furniture and sculpture, with hints of traditional cottage styles, such as shabby chic, both in the selection of plantings and architecture. In such an eclectic combination, you might see a Buddhist sculpture occupying one corner of the patio, ottomans encircling a stone fire pit and paisley patterned shade cloths strung from the pergola.

The multi-functional approach

If the focus is on creating a poolside area that can serve a number of purposes - relaxing, entertaining guests, cooking and enjoying family meals in the open - this is the option for you. This kind of patio can incorporate pergolas or cabanas, outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor kitchens and a wide range of lifestyle based outdoor rooms. As well as providing all the comfort and convenience of the indoors, the different “rooms” or sections of these kinds of patios serve specific functions and can be separated by incorporating multiple levels, retaining walls, outdoor structures, or simple changes in the paving laying pattern. Functional spaces can even be separated by the pool design itself, or form an island in the centre of your pool.

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