Liquid Vs. Granular Fertilizer: Which One Is Better for Your Pleasant Valley, NY, Lawn?

Lawn fertilization is one of the most important aspects of lawn care. There is an ongoing debate about whether liquid fertilizer is better than granular fertilizer, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both fertilizers to determine which one may work better for your Pleasant Valley, NY, lawn.

How Efficient Is Liquid Lawn Fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizer is a fast-releasing fertilizer, which turns out to be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Liquid fertilizer releases its nutrients almost immediately after it’s applied, which is a great advantage for the lawn as it can absorb the various nutrients almost instantly.

In other words, your plants and grass can access what they need to thrive as soon as the fertilizer makes contact with them. Therefore, liquid fertilizer works excellently for plants and lawns that are in need of a quick fertilizer boost.

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But as much as this type of fertilizer offers fast action toward saving nearly dying plants and grass, the fact that it releases its benefits so quickly also means that it is used up by the lawn fairly quickly. The nutrients are readily available, so the lawn will quickly feed of it and soon will be needing additional doses to stay healthy.

Another matter to consider with liquid fertilizers is its need to be applied when it is not raining, as the fertilizer can be washed away, leaving little for the lawn to use. This means that the use of liquid fertilizer needs to be carefully planned so that it will take effect before any rain is expected.

How Efficient Is Granular Lawn Fertilizer?

Liquid Vs. Granular Fertilizer: Which One Is Better for Your Pleasant Valley, NY, Lawn?

Granular fertilizer is also known as dry fertilizer that is slow-releasing. In contrast to liquid fertilizer, this fertilizer’s nutrients are contained within each granule. Because of this distinction, the nutrients take more time to release into the grass—this is a wonderful effect because the lawn gets equal amounts of fertilizer distributed over time, rather than all at once.

However, this benefit would imply that there’s a downside because it takes time for the nutrients to “feed” the lawn quickly and some of them don't even get fully absorbed, which can lead to a build-up over time and damage to the lawn. Fortunately, when this type of fertilizer is properly applied, this is an unlikely problem. If used properly, the granular fertilizer will be spread consistently and evenly, to eliminate the risk of chemicals burning the lawn. The application of this type of fertilizer is best done by professionals who will properly apply it and ensure that the lawn is healthy and thriving on nutrients that it absorbs slowly but to the fullest.

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Compared to liquid fertilizer, granular fertilizer needs light watering to get the nutrients “activated.” This means that with granular fertilizer the person applying it has more control over timing.

Which One Is Better?

Each fertilizer offers its pros and cons, but our team at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. has found granular fertilizer to bring the best results. For the reasons mentioned above, we would recommend using granular fertilizer to take care of your lawn.