Not All Patios Are Built the Same: Don't choose the wrong landscaping company!

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Your patio’s flooring literally sets the foundation for your outdoor space, which is why it is essential to hire the right landscaping company to install it. A variety of factors can decrease patio flooring life such as seasonal weather patterns, average annual rainfall, amount of foot traffic, and food and beverage spills. Not all patios are built the same, so you should work with a professional to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results. Here’s how to avoid choosing the wrong landscaping company so you can maximize your patio flooring life.

Do Your Research

Before entering any sort of discussion with a landscaping company, make sure they have the appropriate licenses and certifications to get the job done. Many states require contractors to hold active licenses before performing jobs. Do a quick search to find out if your state mandates licensure and verify whether a company holds one authorizing patio flooring installation. When communicating, ask for liability proof of insurance, as well as worker’s compensation if employees will be involved to avoid paying for any damages or injuries incurred on your or your neighbors’ properties.

See For Yourself

When shopping for home appliances or decorative pieces, you’ll likely want to see products in detail before purchasing. The same rule should apply when choosing a landscaping company to install your patio flooring. Ask for a couple of referrals or reference credible reviews (like on Facebook). A professional should be confident in their ability to establish patio flooring with a decades-long lifespan.

Talk it Through

A good landscaping company will want to sit down and discuss your patio flooring’s construction process with you. True professionals should keep both short and long term needs in mind, especially when it comes to the lifespan their work. Make sure they explain why your patio’s size and shape, as well as laying materials involved, and intended use of the space. Discuss in detail how they will prepare the foundation, as this process, if performed by the wrong landscaping company, can decrease your patio flooring life to a couple of years. Related: 6 Landscaping Ideas.

Don’t Cut Corners

Hiring a landscaping professional is not just a simple transaction, but begins a relationship that must be based on trust and mutual understanding. Don’t let price alone drive your decision, as lowball bids often indicate a lack of confidence or use of money-saving practices that yield inferior results. Choose a landscaping company you communicate well with to ensure both parties get exactly what they are bargaining for.

The wrong landscaping company can set your patio up for disaster by failing to install necessary measures for longevity. Hire a professional who knows that not all patios are built the same and can guarantee that your patio flooring life will last a couple of decades.