Perfect Poolside Plants For Your Dutchess County, NY Home

poolside patio and deck plantings in dutchess county, ny

Constructing a pool is a major investment, which is why it’s necessary not to leave even the smallest details unattended. While poolside plants might be the last design attribute on your list, they actually bring considerable impact to your outdoor space. Upgrade your pool’s enjoyment factor by selecting the perfect poolside plants for a stay-cation worthy oasis, any day of the week.

Beat the Heat

Most swimming pools are exposed to daylong sun, so favor plant varieties which stand up to direct sunlight. Make sure, too, your poolside plants are “ovenproof,” meaning they can handle the intense heat reflected from your pool and surrounding deck. Don’t assume sun-loving species that thrive in other parts of your yard will do just as well poolside, and choose varieties which require minimal watering, as too much irrigation can cause pool equipment and hardscaping to deteriorate. Related: How Do I Get More Shade in My Backyard?

Keep it Clean

Just as you keep your pool deck clear of garbage, you should prevent plant litter from piling up. Refrain from using plants which drop abundant leaves or flowers that can obstruct skimmers and will generally overcrowd your pool deck. Fruit- and nut-dropping trees should be avoided at all costs, as they leave unwanted stains and unpleasant smells if not properly cleaned up after.

Plant for Privacy and Shade

Plantings are an easy and practical way to shield your pool from onlookers. Plant living walls composed of hedges, or use trees and shrubs against a surrounding fence to enclose the space. Trees also provide much needed shade to your pool deck, which tends to become the hottest part of your property in full sun. Ensure that any trees you select do not have invasive roots that will encroach upon your pool deck over time.

Not too Soft, Not too Sharp

Cacti planters are perfect poolside plants in theory, as they give off an appealing, oasis-like charm. As practical choices, however, these and other thorny varieties fall flat when it comes to safety and comfort, scattering harmful droppings around your barefoot zone. On the other hand, choose species which are not too delicate, since constant splashing and foot traffic will inevitably disturb poolside plants. Think smart and find the right balance between soft and hardy varieties. Ask us if you need help!

Perfect Poolside Plant Varieties

Of course, it’s essential to select varieties which enhance your pool area. Consider the colors, textures, and shapes of poolside plants, as they should complement your pool finish and hardscaping. For the finishing touch, complement your planting beds with poolside pots.

Complete your pool deck or patio design with the perfect poolside plants. Go for options which not only beautify your pool deck, but can adapt to its conditions for long-lasting enjoyment!

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