The Benefits of Tree Pruning and Why You Should Leave It to an Arborist

Think of an arborist like a tree doctor. Just as you consult a doctor to prevent disease and help you make sure you’re in good shape, an arborist prioritizes the health of your trees. Engaging an arborist to trim the trees around your Fishkill, NY, home can give you peace of mind that a professional will take care of some of your landscape’s finest assets. It also ensures your outdoors remains a safe environment. There are definite benefits to leaving the tree pruning to a tree expert for your landscape.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning and Why You Should Leave It to an Arborist in Fishkill, NY

Tree Health

Trees need light and air to thrive, so pruning the dead branches is a sure way to improve the air circulation and sun access that the vital parts of your trees receive. Entrusting the arborist to remove the dead limbs also aids in disease prevention because unhealthy organisms can overtake any lifeless portions and spread problems to the healthy parts. Pruning provides a way for new growth to occur, with tender leaves and limbs replacing the old, dead ones.

Tree Shape

Just as a fresh haircut can elevate your own appearance, thoughtful tree pruning can give structure and order to the growth patterns of your trees. Correct any uneven growth or train a tree to grow a certain way with pruning. The goal of planting and properly growing trees on any property is to have them complement the landscape with their size and bark texture and gorgeous green color.

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Insects and Fungus

Regular tree pruning discourages unwanted insects and disease from invading your trees. If fungus and infections spread to the other parts of a tree, they can endanger its overall health and cause you to lose a valuable piece of scenery. A professional arborist can trim away the dead portions and seal off the cuts so that nothing unsavory can penetrate your trees and cause it undue harm.


You might not think about it, but storms, snow, and gusty winds can cause dead limbs to fall in the yard and possibly on the house. Hanging branches can snap power lines in a storm, causing power outages and lasting damage. Dead limbs falling on your car, or even a neighbor’s car, bring about expensive repairs that can be avoided.

Removing the dead branches can also reduce potential hazards from branches hanging too low in a walkway or near a driveway. When the limbs are gone, it can give other plants and shrubs the necessary light and air to flourish, so that your entire landscape looks healthier and more robust.

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Pruning Types

There are different types of pruning as each tree does not require the same form of shaping. Fine pruning, the least aggressive, involves removing small limbs to improve the beauty of your trees. Structural trimming is used to remove unwanted growth and to encourage the largest branches to flourish in a pleasing way. Hazard trimming, the most aggressive, reduces growth that can cause damage during storms and wind to minimize the chance that limbs may fall and cause extensive harm.

Professional arborists arrive with a fundamental understanding of how trees develop, and the expertise necessary to ensure that your trees will be both as healthy as possible and a lasting asset to your home’s curb appeal and value. They look out for your well-being, as well as your trees.