Make Your Lawn Greener with the Proper Fertilizers in Poughkeepsie, NY

Lawns attract a surprising amount of attention—they’re vibrant, expansive, and refreshing in many Poughkeepsie, NY, neighborhoods. That is, they achieve their ultimate fullness and beauty if they’re manicured and kept healthy. A withering lawn that hasn’t received the fertilizer it needs can give an entire property a cheap and unkempt look and feel. This is why homeowners are responsible want to make sure their lawns get the nourishment and upkeep they require to thrive. Here are a few reasons why you should entrust a professional landscaping company to fertilize your lawn.

Reduced Maintenance

Having your lawn fertilized regularly is a must when reducing maintenance needs is a priority. Once a lawn has been fertilized, it is far less likely to present other problems that require treatment and unplanned maintenance. Two to three feedings per year is all your lawn may need to develop deep, strong roots that lead to beautiful, full blades. Fully nourished, deep-rooted lawns are less likely to fall prey to weeds. However, many fertilizers also contain weed prevention treatments as an additional measure.

Make Your Lawn Greener with the Proper Fertilizers in Poughkeepsie, NY

Improved Longevity

Fertilized lawns are thick and come with stable root systems that prevent soil runoff. Therefore, your fertilized lawn will be less likely to undergo damage and depletion during heavy rain. By caring for your lawn, you care for your soil. And healthy soil, in turn, will be able to support and nourish the lawn for many years without fail.

Resistance to Pests and Disease

Whether or not your fertilizer contains insecticide, it will help your lawn to grow thicker and make it more difficult for pests to take hold. Fertilizers also make grass roots less prone to disease, by preventing large chunks of lawn from being lost to infection. Think of your lawn as a human being—the more healthy food you feed it, the stronger its immune system will be.

Improved Growth Across the Board

Lawns that aren’t getting fertilizer tend to be thicker in some parts and sparse in others. Although this can be very frustrating to look at, it’s due to the natural variance in nutrients throughout the soil on your property. Fortunately, this problem can be addressed by incorporating an exogenous source of nutrients into the soil to level the playing field.

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Increased Oxygen Production

Are you conscious of your carbon footprint but don’t have the space to plant trees that compensate for it? By improving the health of your low-lying plants, like your lawn, you can still optimize the amount of oxygen they produce. Have your lawn fertilized regularly to keep life-giving oxygen pumping from its blades.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Entrust your lawn fertilization needs to the experts. They use their knowledge and experience about your area to come up with a proper fertilizer plan. In turn, you’ll have peace of mind that the job is being done right—and you’ll have a lush lawn as a result. Experienced landscapers will assess your lawn and will know exactly which fertilizer to use in order to make it look its best. They will have all the necessary equipment and will keep it well-maintained through consistent and thorough treatments.

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