The Best Time to Install an Irrigation System for Your Putnam County, NY Property

Every homeowner in Putnam County, NY wants their lawn to look beautiful, and because a properly watered lawn is key to a radiant lawn, having an irrigation system installed is an excellent idea. But if you want the most effective and cost-efficient irrigation system, it’s worth considering the best time of year to have one installed.

Consider the Weather

Winter is notoriously severe in New York, and the summer heat can be equally oppressive. Because of the extremes of the climate, irrigation systems are difficult, if not impossible, to have installed during certain seasons. The ice and snow, and otherwise messy conditions of winter, can make installation slow and arduous. The frozen ground can make the required digging difficult, if not impossible. In addition, winter is not a time when plants require all that much irrigation. Many homeowners think that spring is an ideal time to have an irrigation system installed. And this is true. However, the relentless rain and resulting muddy conditions of springtime can make springtime installation difficult. Spring sogginess can also make an irrigation system largely unnecessary. But you don’t want to leave it too late into the summer, either, or your plants may suffer. This makes late spring, early summer and fall the ideal times to have an irrigation system installed. 

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Varying Cost

The Best Time to Install an Irrigation System for Your Putnam County, NY Property

Early spring, is one of the busiest seasons for irrigation system installation companies. With everything blooming and more time being spent enjoying the outdoors, homeowners are paying more attention to their lawns. Similar to a beachside hotel or resort, however, prices during peak season are significantly more than during the off-season. This can often be the same for irrigation installation. You can expect to pay more when having your irrigation system installed during the peak season, when installation companies are in high demand. It’s worth waiting till late spring/early summer, for prices to gradually slope off. You could also wait until fall, provided you have a good lawn and plant care system in place in the meanwhile.

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Availability of Reputable Irrigation Company

Irrigation installation companies not only prefer working in fall, because the weather is much more tolerable for installation, they also have extremely flexible schedules during this off-season. The best and most reputable companies are often booked in spring and summer. Many homeowners don’t think about the health of their lawn until after the snow has melted. This means a lot of homeowners are calling irrigation system installation companies at the last minute in the warmer seasons. Often, there is a waiting list, if there is availability at all. The most reputable irrigation installation companies will have especially busy schedules. Meanwhile, while waiting for an appointment, the lawn suffers due to inefficient watering. By making an appointment as soon as possible, you can be assured that your lawn and plants receive the attention they require. 


Irrigation installation systems can take anywhere from a couple days to a week, depending on weather conditions, size of the yard, and topography of the yard. By scheduling your installation now, you can avoid inconvenience when summer reaches full swing.