Lawn Fertilizer Companies: Questions You Should Ask Them Before Hiring in Pleasant Valley, NY

A flawless and healthy green lawn can be yours in Pleasant Valley, NY - if you choose the right lawn fertilizer company. Giving your yard the nutrition it needs is the key to having a beautiful lawn, and it’s no simple task. A reputable and experienced lawn fertilizer company, such as Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping inc., is the key to bringing out the best in your lawn. So how do you ensure that you are working with professionals? You need to know the right questions to ask. Here are some integral questions to ask before hiring a lawn fertilizer company:

Do They Have Proper Licensure?

Any reputable lawn fertilization company will provide the homeowner with necessary proofs of proper licensure. This means that license numbers should be displayed on contracts and vehicles. Not having the required licensure is not only illegal, but is a red flag that this company will not do the job right.

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Do They Have Proper Experience?

How long has the lawn fertilization company been in business? Have any of the technicians or other staff received any special training or certification? The most professional lawn fertilization companies will make sure that someone on the team has received education in turf education or agronomy. The company should be transparent about their level of education and experience.

Lawn Fertilizer Companies: Questions You Should Ask Them Before Hiring in Pleasant Valley, NY

What Products Do They Use?

A lawn care company should provide you with the names, function, and hazards of all the products they are using. Not only should all fertilizer and product labels be provided to you, but the company professionals should provide reasons for using these particular products. If you are concerned with the environment and would like to use only organic products in your yard, make sure that the company has experience in implementing organic and environmentally safe products. Organic fertilization requires its own kind of expertise, and you want to make sure that the company knows what they are doing. 

When and Why Do They Use Their Products

A professional fertilization company should provide you with a timeline, communicating the frequency at which these products will be applied. Exact dates should be given. It is important to ask if there are any necessary precautions you should take when using your yard. Make sure to inquire about any pets or children, as well. Another great way to tell if you are dealing with professionals is to inquire where they obtain their products. Professional lawn fertilization companies buy their products from wholesale vendors, not from retail stores. A professional company must provide proper proofs of licensure when buying from a wholesale company, as this is required by law. Consumer products do not have the same standards. If the company is buying their products from a wholesale vendor, this is proof that they are properly licensed.

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What is the Procedure?

It is important to feel comfortable asking questions when dealing with a lawn fertilizer company. If you do not feel comfortable, move on and choose another company. A good company should willingly relate their full procedure, cost, and any potential difficulties. Make sure that you have an itemized list of procedure and cost.