The Healing Effect of Water Features in Your Fishkill, NY Landscaping

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives can have a negative effect on our health—in the form of increased blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. This can have a direct impact on our relationships with those around us, including our family, neighbors, and co-workers. To combat the pressures of daily life, consider installing a water feature in your Fishkill, NY, landscaping.

Why Is Water Soothing?

The Healing Effect of Water Features in Your Fishkill, NY Landscaping

It’s long been known that the sounds of water bring about a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Perhaps it is because so many early memories involve water-related activities, from running around in the sprinkler on a warm summer day to enjoying family time at the beach. Or it might be that the sounds are soothing because our senses are engaged and focused, but not overloaded.

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How Does Water Affect Healing?

Studies have shown that the sounds of water can speed healing from injuries and surgeries as the motion and hum from the water can enhance restfulness. Water features can help hyperactive children slow down and they can improve the mood of just about anyone.

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A Water Feature for Your Landscaping

No matter the size of your Fishkill, NY, yard, there is a water feature to fit your landscape. You have a pond installed that looks like nature placed it there. With stacked stones surrounding the edges and plants such as water lilies and cattails, this pond would spark interest and invite guests to wander for a closer look. This would be an ideal water feature for adding goldfish or other colorful fish to increase the joy and relaxation of your water feature.

If your aesthetic leans toward a more modern style, you might choose a linear water feature that adjoins the edge of your patio so that you can easily listen to the soothing sounds and see the glistening water as it spills gently to the bottom of the water pool. Another contemporary approach involves designing a hardscape feature with a waterfall. This gorgeous feature can become even more so with the addition of lighting.

A well-designed water feature tends to become the focal point of a landscape. For a smaller property, you may want to accentuate your water feature by having it installed in a prominent corner. Consider a vertical structure with a mesmerizing waterfall. A larger landscape could give it all the attention it deserves, by putting it in a central spot. You could encourage visitors to admire it up close by installing a low retaining wall around it for a sense of intimacy and a welcoming place for sitting.

There is no stress when it comes to a water feature. It encourages a slower lifestyle simply from its happy sounds and the attractive view it offers—a water feature calls on onlookers to relax and refocus. It can offer a gathering spot after a long day for family members to process the past few hours and offload any stresses.

With the increased pleasure and home value that a water feature brings, what are you waiting for? Our landscape professionals can design the perfect water feature that brings the beauty and ambiance that you want.