Top Water Features for Adding Movement and Ambience to your Landscaping

Top Water Features for Adding Movement and Ambience to your Landscaping in Lagrangeville, NY

Water features are sure to add delightful ambience and character to your Lagrangeville, NY, landscape. Decorative water elements, such as waterfalls, ornamental pools and pool integrated fountains are idyllic, but water features also provide a practical function—masking the sounds of nearby traffic or neighbors with the soothing sound of cascading water. And it’s possible to add a water feature to even the smallest space because of the wide range of options available.

Consider the following top water features to add a dramatic focal point, beauty, movement and serenity to your landscape:

Front Yard Fountain

A fountain on display in your front yard increases the curb appeal of your home and attracts the attention of passersby. A front yard fountain also benefits the neighbors by contributing to a soothing neighborhood atmosphere. Various design styles can be used, ranging from classical designs to stylized modern sculpture incorporating water jets.

A fountain placed in your front yard creates a welcoming first impression of your home and can complement paver driveways, natural stone walkways, quaint cobblestone patios and extravagant front yard plazas alike.

If you love birds and love having them visit your home, a front yard fountain is a handy asset, attracting birds with the sight and sound of water in motion.

Waterfall Wall Feature

A waterfall creates a captivating visual effect, and also injects an incredible dimension of sound into a landscape. Such sound can help reduce noise pollution by cancelling out the sounds of traffic or neighborhood kids, replacing it with natural white noise. Such a feature can be added to an accent wall, a section of retaining wall, or as a freestanding wall feature as a focal point.

Koi Pond and Waterfall Combination

Keeping Koi is a rewarding experience and a relaxing hobby. A Koi pond is also an attractive addition to a landscape aesthetic. A waterfall’s vigorous energy combined with the slow movement of Koi blend to achieve balance and harmony in outdoor spaces. The combination of these two features creates the perfect outdoor space for yoga, meditation or solitude.

Pool Integrated Waterfall Feature

If keeping Koi is not your thing, you can have a waterfall feature integrated into your pool’s circulation system. The blend of flowing water and natural rock features transforms a pool area into a tropical oasis. The visual benefits, as well as the psychological benefits, are coupled with the hygienic benefits of additional filtering and aeration of the pool, which is beneficial in limiting the growth of algae and preventing stagnation. Kids enjoying the pool in summer will also have a blast swimming and ducking beneath the cascading waterfall. You can even take it a step further by incorporating a water slide or diving platform into the waterfall’s natural rock base.

Water Courses

Water courses can be installed into modern and traditional landscape yards alike. There is a range of options possible, from water that runs beneath patios and gives the look and feel of a floating patio to water gushing down a reflective backdrop with lighting which emphasizes movement. Simple streams and rocky beds are also an excellent feature and can be coupled with a quaint foot bridge to enhance accessibility and create a natural, rustic ambience.