6 Unilock Pavers Perfectly Suited To Your NY Driveway

If you’re faced with the task of selecting a paving material for your driveway, Unilock offers a number of choices in all manners of styles. This ensures that you can easily match the architectural style of your property or convey the tone desired with your choice of driveway paver in Hopewell Junction, NY. Unilock is also well known for high quality, durable pavers that are backed by the trusted Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.

Modern and Marvelous

Properties with a modern approach to design tend to accentuate minimalism and clean lines. Pavers such as Artline and Senzo from Unilock are ideal for enhancing modern architecture or a contemporary theme.


With a linear design and multiple colors, Artline enables you to create a unique and interesting design pattern while staying true to contemporary aesthetics. Shades offered include Steel Mountain, Tuscany, French Grey, Winter Marvel, and a 2-Color On-Site Blend option. Your modern home will seem truly complete with the addition of a driveway constructed with this series of plank-like pavers.


The granite appearance of this square and rectangular-shaped paver, as well as the three distinct shades offered, make it ideal for both contemporary driveway paving and for use as a border or accent material. For a dramatic, modern approach, choose Senzo by Unilock for driveway design.

Rustic and Romantic

Cottages and the high-end log cabin design appeal to the romantic in all of us. Complementing this aesthetic with your driveway is now possible with Unilock pavers. Also, appropriate for traditional homes, this type of paver is suited to a variety of architectural types.


The weathered and relaxed texture of the Antara paver creates a casual mood, perfect for making your landscape feel comfortable and welcoming. Available in Almond Grove, Granite, or Sierra shades, practically any home can be complemented by this rustic and charming paver.


With a standard size reminiscent of Roman brick, Mattoni can be used to create a number of laying patterns and comes in three special order colors including Cocoa Brown, Sable Blend, and Dark Charcoal. Whether you’re constructing a herringbone patterned drive or a straightforward running bond brick walkway, this paver offers charm and warmth.

Old-World Elegance and Charm

Complementing your home with an elegant driveway is easy when you have the right materials. Unilock offers several pavers that hearken back to simpler times while continuing to provide the high-quality durability and efficient construction expected from the brand.


For a classic European brick drive, choose Copthorne. With its many color options, Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, or a 3-color option that is blended on site, Copthorne pavers can be used to design a timeless driveway surface with a traditional feel.

6 Unilock Pavers Perfectly Suited to your Hopewell Junction, NY Driveway


If your tastes for the classic lean toward cobblestone rather than weathered brick, look to Courtstone - a modern twist on the classic cobblestone pavers of old world Europe. Unilock offers multiple colors with a durable and high-shine texture. Create your driveway in Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, or an on-site blend to enjoy a remarkable feature worthy of your home and property.

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