Using Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass Control in Fishkill, NY

Being proactive is usually the best approach, and preventing unwanted growth in your backyard is no exception. To not have crabgrass show up in your Fishkill, NY, landscape, you need to attack the seeds before they have time to germinate—and well before patches of the ugly grass appear, trying to crowd out your lawn. The application of pre-emergent herbicide early on in the warm season, or even in late winter, makes this possible. Understanding why and when to deploy this remarkably effective product can ensure crabgrass won’t stand a chance in your landscape this year.

Early Treatment Prevents Future Issues

Late winter and early spring are not the times when you’d see evidence of pesky crabgrass, and that’s why it’s the opportune time to treat for it. If action is taken before it has time to germinate, you prevent immediate growth as well as inhibit future growth since you rid your lawn of the seeds just lying in wait to ruin your landscape.

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Using Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass Control in Fishkill, NY

You might think that investing in crabgrass prevention ahead of time could interfere with other springtime lawn treatments, such as aeration and fertilization. However, pre-emergent works despite aeration and fertilization. Neither will lessen the impact of your pre-emergent crabgrass elimination.

Achieving Healthy, Lush Grass

Having lush, beautiful grass is wonderful, but as with everything in this world, it’s subject to change. Your lawn may be thick and full, so you may assume crabgrass treatment is unnecessary. However, failing to imagine the potential of a hot, long summer where grass thins and crabgrass thrives would be a mistake. Treat now to prevent the potential for this problem.

Treat Even If Last Year Saw No Crabgrass Growth

Things can change dramatically from year to year. While you might like to think that the absence of crabgrass during the last warm season means treatment isn’t necessary this year, there could be some recent changes in your landscape that you’re unaware of. The seeds can travel by way of wind, animals, and insects, making crabgrass a potential threat every year regardless of the prior year’s freedom from its presence.

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Comprehensively Treat the Entire Yard

Spot treatment might seem like a logical solution at first, but it’s not effective. With a comprehensive application of pre-emergent, done at the right time of the season, you’ll have full prevention coverage. The crabgrass—and the threat of it—will be gone.

Timing the Treatment

Timing is critical. Landscape professionals will make the required application at the appropriate time, generally in late winter and early spring, when temperatures hover around 50 degrees for about a week. Make sure that your lawn benefits from a well-timed, thoroughly applied, and professionally implemented strategy to rid your lawn of present and future crabgrass.

Prioritize Value and Effectiveness

This time of year is the right time to be wondering about preventing crabgrass. It’s one of those pesky problems that needs to be addressed before it shows up and takes away from the beauty of your lawn. Pre-emergent herbicides are highly effective but need to be applied before you see a problem. It will prevent the weed seeds from germinating, opening up your lawn to the type of grass growth you desire—and an enjoyable warm-weather season of luscious lawn.