Is Crabgrass Really That Bad?

Sometimes you may wonder if crabgrass, which can have a distinctive shade of green that differs from lush, more desirable lawns, needs to be targeted as part of your lawn service in Westchester, NY. For most homeowners who detest the sight of crabgrass, the answer would be yes.

Crabgrass Takes Over the Lawn

Crabgrass grows even in the worst conditions because it is remarkably stubborn and self-sufficient. It can steal valuable nutrients and moisture from your lawn, making it difficult for other grasses to grow. As a weed that germinates in the spring and dies off in the fall, crabgrass is also known for having a higher stalk space that creates a perfect haven for pests.

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Crabgrass Is Temporary

Another reason crabgrass is bad for the lawn is that this grass is sneaky in its growth, getting greedy for space where it spreads throughout the summer. Once the weather gets hot, it gets harder to kill crabgrass. The reason it’s known for spreading and fast. In fact, this annual weed produces as many as 80,000 seeds. And cold weather won’t kill those seeds. This means that the seeds are laying on the lawn getting ready to sprout in spring, so a bit of crabgrass one season can turn into double the amount of crabgrass next season.

During the summer when the weather gets really hot and dry, other grasses nearby may suffer if they are not adequately watered and maintained. Crabgrass is less needy and loves the hot and dry weather. These conditions are ideal for crabgrass thriving and overtaking portions of the lawn. Then after the fall peaks, crabgrass will lead to dead spots in the lawn, to ruin the aesthetics of your landscape and lead to muddy tracks in your house if you have pets and kids.

Crabgrass Requires Preventative Measures

How to get rid of crabgrass? Ideally, you should not wait until you notice it during hot, summer days. Instead, call professionals to do some preparation work that will prevent the crabgrass from expanding during those hot, dry months. The team at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. team will use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the crabgrass seeds from sprouting. This preventative measure will help your lawn and plants grow healthier because it doesn’t allow the crabgrass to start growing roots.

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Fertilizing Helps

Keeping a healthy lawn involves kicking out the crabgrass—or better yet, preventing it from showing up in the first place. As a preventative measure, fertilization encourages your lawn to grow strong and healthy with deep roots, with the side of effect of crowding out crabgrass.

Is Crabgrass Really That Bad in Westchester, NY

Lehigh offers lawn fertilization services with organic fertilizers that will rejuvenate the lawn during the summer and keep it protected and well fed during the winter. The fertilization program can start in the summer months and continue to the winter months, and it incorporates crabgrass control.

Contact Lehigh Lawns for a free estimate and turf consultation, and you’ll discover what a difference it makes to trust your lawn needs to dedicated professionals. By applying the necessary measures, crabgrass will be a thing in the past.