Why Fall Is a Great Time to Apply Weed Killer in Westchester County, NY

Caring for your Westchester County, NY, yard doesn’t stop when fall arrives and you no longer have to mow. This can be the ideal time of year to apply weed killer for your spring grass. 

How Weed Killer Works

Why Fall Is a Great Time to Apply Weed Killer in Westchester County, NY

Have you ever wondered how weed killer only kills weeds but not the grass? Weed killer herbicides are designed to kill weeds in two ways. They interfere with the growth by blocking photosynthesis (which is how the plant makes its food) or by destroying the root formation. 

The herbicide targets specific types of weeds that have a certain make-up and causes them not to sprout by forming a barrier over the soil. Other weed killers keep the weeds from sprouting. 

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Fall Preparation Means Spring Growth for Grass

Winter weeds germinate in your lawn over the course of the cold months. When the weather begins to warm up, they sprout and start to grow. This is where a fall weed killer comes in—to stop the germination of those weeds in the springtime. Because it is difficult to kill weeds once they have begun to grow, applying the fall weed preventive makes weed control much easier.

Pre-emergent Weed Killer: Pre-emergent weed killer is applied in the fall to prevent the weeds from sprouting in the spring. An important thing to note about pre-emergent weed killer is that weed killer is specific to a type of grass. Otherwise, you could have weed killer that does nothing to the weeds in the yard. 

Early Fall Fertilizer: Early fall fertilizer is essential to the health of the grass as the hot summer sun takes a toll on the lawn. Frequently, the grass no longer has the nutrients available to stay healthy and strong for the fall season, and fertilizer replenishes the nutrients your grass needs to make more food. Once the fertilizer has been applied, the fall grass should rejuvenate and finish the season with strong and vigorous growth for a rich autumn lawn. 

Late Fall Fertilizer: This application of fertilizer keeps your lawn healthy during the long winter months. Even though your grass might be dormant, it still needs nourishment to thrive when the spring returns with warmer weather. This is a critical winterization treatment that produces the green turf you want for spring and summer.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional

Treating your lawn with the right amount of fertilizer can be a tricky process. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and blades, while too little doesn’t produce the results you want. And, keeping the weeds at bay is a never-ending job. 

When your lawn is a source of pride for you, and you love looking out at a freshly mowed, lush lawn, a professional lawn care service can take all of the guesswork out of your landscape. Because they have all of the equipment and supplies any lawn needs to stay vibrant, there is no guesswork involved. 

Your local lawn care professional has the fertilization and weed control that you need for your Westchester County, NY, landscape to look its best in any season. Your neighbors will wonder how you keep your yard looking so healthy all year long.