Why Is Early Spring the Perfect Time for Tree Service in Westchester County, NY?

As winter winds down only to be replaced with spring showers, your Westchester County, NY, landscape may suffer from the abundance of moisture. Early spring is the perfect time to have your trees inspected for winter damage. Here is what could be involved in tree service and upkeep of your landscape this time of year.

Inspection of the Overall Landscape

Why Is Early Spring the Perfect Time for Tree Service in Westchester County, NY?

Early spring is the right time to look closely at the plants and trees on your property. Because the trees have not leafed out yet, any damage from ice and snow will be easy to see. It’s an opportune time to look for dead branches or branches that have broken off in the middle, and make a plan to remove them.

Early spring is also one of the best times to see cracks or wounds to the tree. These can allow disease to enter the tree, or give insects a way to burrow inside. If you have a focal point tree or any other tree that is supported by cables or another method, these could be inspected for sturdiness and strength. Trees and shrubs are not immune to frostbite, which can weaken their tips and individual branches.

Finally, you’ll want to keep an eye out when the landscape begins to green up and come back to life. If a shrub is not producing leaves, or the leaves have a yellow tinge, or they are sparse, this means that the shrub is not doing as well as the rest and needs some attention. Trees may exhibit similar behavior but will die in the upper branches first if it is stressed or diseased.

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Have New Trees Planted

Spring is a wonderful time to plant new trees, or even one special tree that could become the highlight of the landscape. Because there is an abundance of rain and moisture, a new tree has the opportunity to grow roots and become established before the heat of summer. After the proper hole size is dug and the young tree is stabilized, mulch or pine needles will need to be spread around it to keep the moisture close to the roots. It may also need to be staked until the roots grow stronger and the tree will no longer be affected by strong winds and rain.

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Plan a Cleanup

Your lawn needs a good spring cleaning just like your house. Plan to clear away any branches that have fallen over the winter. Likewise, early spring can be the ideal time to gently trim the trees to improve their shape and appearance. Dead or weak branches should be removed to make way for the healthy ones to thrive.

The last remnants of fall leaves should be raked to give plenty of oxygen and sunlight to the grass. The oxygen needs to reach the roots to produce a lush, healthy stand of grass.

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Feed Your Trees and Shrubs

Even established plants need a boost of fertilizer to look their best, and spring is the time for fertilizing. A fertilizer that is formulated for trees can slowly release the nutrients over time to allow the trees to absorb the food as needed.