Why Summer Lawn Care Is So Important in Fishkill, NY

Why Summer Lawn Care Is So Important in Fishkill, NY

Caring for your lawn during the summer is absolutely essential to its appearance and health. Understanding why summer lawn care in Fishkill, NY, matters so much begins with an appreciation for the risks to the health of the grass that come with the summertime.

Hazards of Summertime

During summer, the risks to a lawn’s health come mainly from the high temperatures and scarce rain. Insects and weeds can steal resources that a lawn needs to grow healthily, both of which tend to multiply unchecked during summer without interference to halt the invasion. Warmer temperatures also encourage insect breeding, which has a direct effect on the demand for insect sustenance, namely your lovely lawn.

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High temperatures and a lack of water can play havoc on the growth of grass, leading to patchy places within the lawn and a slower growing rate. To keep these summertime hazards at bay, consult an expert in the industry and embark on a professionally provided lawncare maintenance schedule to keep your lawn healthy – an important component of home ownership.

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Property Value

The clearest and most often considered advantage of having a healthy lawn is the maximization of the property’s curb appeal. The lawn of a home is key because it’s one of the first spaces seen upon arrival, potential buyers will appreciate the beauty and functionality of the outdoor space, and the state of the lawn is an indicator of the care that the home receives as well.

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Environmental Benefits

For those who are attempting to go green or who would just like to spend less on energy, consider the environmental ramifications of a healthy lawn. First, thick, healthy grass prevents erosion, preventing costly damage to your landscape while also filtering the groundwater as it drains downward. This filtering means that the groundwater contains fewer pollutants, doing your part to prevent water pollution while maintaining the grade of the landscape.

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Second, a good space of lawn prevents dust during dry summer months, key to families with sufferers of asthma or other respiratory problems. Grass also absorbs and detoxifies sulfur dioxide while producing necessary oxygen.

Finally, a healthy lawn muffles noise and cools the landscape around your home, reducing the costs involved with cooling your home during the hot summer months. Your lawn may require time and effort during the summer months, but its health is vital to your home, family and environment.

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Family Enjoyment

Perhaps the most important reason to keep your landscape’s lawn healthy is the enjoyment that your family will have on a beautiful, healthy piece of grass. Children require a comfortable landing for the unavoidable bicycle crash, or rough and tumble play. Spending summer days enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about insects or a hard landing is a wonderful way to grow up. For adults, having picnics, walking barefoot, and simply sitting and enjoying the view of the yard is powerful.

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For many, a beautiful lawn is simply a part of the American Dream; for others, the practical benefits of a healthy lawn should make it well worth it. For a simple solution to the chore of lawn care, consult the experts and save yourself the aggravation while reaping the benefits of a healthy and well-maintained summertime lawn.

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