Why You Should Invest Time in a Consultation for Lawn Fertilizer Service in Poughkeepsie, NY

Diligent homeowners invest in the constant care of their landscape, to improve and maintain their home’s curb appeal and ensure they have something to admire every time they look outside. Not everyone realizes, however, what is involved with keeping landscapes in tiptop shape. A consultation for lawn fertilizer service ensures that your Poughkeepskie, NY, landscape gets the exact nutrients it needs to retain its health and continue looking beautiful throughout the seasons. Read on and we’ll give you the reasons why you should invest time meeting with the lawn care pros to discuss fertilizing your yard. 

Lawn Assessment

Why You Should Invest Time in a Consultation for Lawn Fertilizer Service in Poughkeepsie, NY

No two lawns are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t ideal when it comes to planning for your lawn fertilization and care. Professionals bring the knowledge and the skills to make your lawn look its best, from measuring pH levels and acidity, to knowing which type of grass grows best in your region and soil. Guessing which product and the amount to use by yourself and using non-commercial grade fertilizers to help revive your lawn could leave you with patchy, burned grass; bald spots; wasted time; and a lot of unnecessary frustration. Find out exactly what your yard is made of and what it needs to thrive with an expert assessment, and you’ll be taking your first steps toward ensuring a lush, green lawn. 

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All-Year Care

Lawn fertilization is an all-year concern. To keep your grass looking its best, seasonal care calendars must be followed and special fertilizer applications need to be applied at specific times. Along with regular fertilization, most northern yards also require a special winterization process so that the grass will come back healthy, green, and beautiful in the spring. Without getting on a regular schedule, you may forget what is needed, when, as you have so many other work and life responsibilities on your plate. A consultation with a lawn fertilization company eases the effort and takes the mental burden off your shoulders. When you have a professional fertilizing company caring for your lawn, you get to set it and forget it! 

At Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, we follow a six-step lawn fertilization program, with organic fertilizer applied in July and then in September. This process also includes pre-emergent application to prevent weeds, as well as grub control and winterizer that is applied in November. Every step is essential for a weed-free, healthy landscape.

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Organic Fertilizers

Another great reason to take the time to talk to your lawn care professional about fertilization is to find out exactly what goes into the applications. For many homeowners, keeping their lawns safe for their pets or kids is a top priority. By speaking to your lawn care pro, you’ll be able to ask questions about whether or not they use organic fertilizers, or other kinds of fertilization methods that are safe for animals and children. You’ll also be able to get safety tips and get any other questions you have answered about the best quality fertilizers available. 

Speaking to a professional fertilization company is well worth the time when it comes to the long-lasting care and beauty of your lawn. Set aside some time to speak to the pros and you’ll be on your way to the best looking yard in the neighborhood!