Why Your Commercial Lawn Maintenance Should Also Include Fertilization in Westchester County, NY

Your business image can be affected by what clients and prospects see when they visit your physical locations. If you hire a landscape maintenance company but neglect to request that your commercial maintenance services include fertilization of your Westchester County, NY, grounds, you are forgetting a critical component of plant and grass health—and that will affect the look of your property

Conveying Care in Your Image

Why Your Commercial Lawn Maintenance Should Also Include Fertilization in Westchester County, NY

We have all walked toward the entrance of a commercial building that has lush, green grass, leafy shade trees, and bright flowering plants and thought, “Wow, this is so pretty!” Consciously or not, the environment affects how we feel and our attitudes, and this is true about a gorgeous landscape for a commercial building. When visitors arrive at your location, being greeted with an outstanding, well-cared for landscape instantly impacts the business that will happen once they are inside. 

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Developing a Lush Landscape

Just mowing and watering grass will not yield the thick, healthy growth that you want for your commercial lawn. While these services are necessary, correct fertilization is the catalyst for the best and most long-term growth. 

It is easy to over or under fertilize, and this is why it is important to test the soil before applying any fertilizer to the grass. Grass requires three types of nutrients to perform its best all year. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate are required in the right ratio to feed your commercial lawn. Too much of any one of these can accidentally burn the grass and cause more damage than good. 

Using a slow release fertilizer with the right ratios for your grass type allows the nutrients to be released slowly, allowing the grass to get maximum food. It also matters when the fertilizer is applied, as certain times of the year are the most appropriate to foster the growth that you want in your commercial landscape.

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Giving Trees and Shrubs What They Need

Trees and shrubs rarely show nutrient deficiencies until it is too late. Because these plants and trees are growing in a controlled habitat, at times the soil might not supply all of the nutrients that they need to continue to grow strong and healthy, because just watering them is not enough. 

Adding slow release fertilizer to the soil, especially for any ornamental trees, can replenish the missing nutrients and minerals. When planting new trees and shrubs, be sure that your landscape maintenance service adds compost and organic matter to the hole to help those plants start strong. 

Usually, the problem for commercial landscapes is with the soil. Residential soil tends to be more often evaluated for nutrients and acidity than is commercial soil. Since trees and shrubs can need different amounts of nutrients than grass, make sure that your commercial landscape service tests the soil surrounding these plants specifically. 

It is much less expensive and less trouble to care for the trees and shrubs correctly than to have them dug up and replaced. 

Hiring a landscape maintenance service with expertise in fertilization for trees, shrubs, and grass can mean that you won’t have to worry about the health of your commercial landscape. Because they have a schedule of fertilizer application and care, you can do what you do best— which is conduct business. And when your clients arrive and are greeted with a thriving, lush landscape, you can thank your commercial maintenance service for helping your business run smoothly.