Why Your Lawn Fertilization Treatments Should Vary Depending on the Season in Poughkeepsie, NY

You likely love the potential of your lawn—it could have tufts of soft, gorgeous green grass begging to be walked on with bare feet as far as the eye can see. That is, it could with the proper care and fertilization. The fact is methods of fertilization can vary from region to region and season to season, so it is important to know the best methods for your property. Read on and we will share the essential reasons why your lawn fertilization treatments should vary depending on the season at your Poughkeepsie, NY, home.


Why Your Lawn Fertilization Treatments Should Vary Depending on the Season in Poughkeepsie, NY

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, birds are chirping—these are signs that it is time to pull out the fertilizer, right? Maybe not. Many people think that the first signs of the changing seasons mean that it is time to lay down fertilizer, but if you already have a solid foundational fertilization plan laid out, then early spring may not be the best time just yet. With proper planning and the use of slow-release fertilizer, your lawn could already have enough carbohydrate reserves to see it through the spring season. By getting a proper plan in place ahead of time, only the right amount of time and energy will be used, without any unnecessary and potentially harmful over-fertilizing.

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School is out, the sprinklers are on full blast, and the lawn mower seems to be running every weekend. When it’s officially summer and a solid fertilization plan is in place, then your grass should be green and lush. As part of the natural process, by late summer and early fall, your grass will likely start becoming depleted of its carbohydrate reserves. High temperatures and droughts can speed this process up, as well as frequent mowing and other seasonal stressors. Your lawn may be able get through this time with what’s called a bridge feeding, or a late summer fertilizer application that is designed to carry lawns through the stressful season.


Pumpkin spice, boots and chunky sweaters—when the leaves begin to change, it is time to start thinking ahead about the fertilization plan for the following year. One of the best ways to ensure a green, lush yard as soon as possible in the spring is to lay down a substantial layer of fertilizer before winter even sets in. By providing your soil with the nutrients it needs ahead of time, you will be properly preparing your lawn for its winter hibernation.

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Additional Treatments

Depending on your region, your soil may require additional nutrition to create an optimal environment for grass growth. Your pH levels may be off, requiring an addition of lime or other nutrient to be added along with your usual fertilizer. Nitrogen, another key component to growing grass, may also be low. A soil sample can be evaluated to tell you exactly what your lawn needs to help your grass grow to its optimum potential.

Still not sure exactly when fertilizer should be applied to keep your lawn in tip-top shape? Consult a trusted landscape contractor for more information, and you’ll be on your way to having the greenest grass in the neighborhood.