How a Lawn Fertilizer Service Can Keep Your Pets Safe from Dangerous Weeds Outside Lagrangeville, NY

A lawn fertilizer service can offer you peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe from dangerous weeds that may be growing in your Lagrangeville, NY, lawn. Certain varieties of weeds pose real health risks to your pets, and some can even be potentially deadly.

After all, homeowners with pets consider them part of the family. Their health is just as important as any other family member. If there are dangers lurking in your yard that could potentially harm your beloved companion, then you’ll want to take action. The trouble is that dangers can come in many forms that are common to lawns but may go unnoticed by pet owners. These dangers are weeds. Your lawn is an area where your pet likely spends a considerable amount of time and, as such, it is critical to make that space a safe and pet-friendly environment.  

Common Weeds That Are Dangerous to Pets

How a Lawn Fertilizer Service Can Keep Your Pets Safe from Dangerous Weeds Outside Lagrangeville, NY

The New York Department of Transportation’s list of not only native but non-native dangerous weeds that have become prevalent to the area includes Giant Hogweed, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Stinging Nettle, and Wild Parsnip. A latent risk with self-eradicating weeds is that if they are not carefully removed or treated, there is a risk of exposure to not only yourself, but your pets as well.

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Not a One-Size-Fits-All Process

Not every weed should be handled or treated exactly the same. Some weed’s poisons extend throughout the entire plant, while others remain in the leafy area of the weed. Certain weeds are dangerous if they are burned and inhaled. Other weeds drop dangerous berries and seeds—some of which may be inviting to your pet. It is important to understand the differences in each type of dangerous weed to prevent spreading the poison during the removal process. For example, mowing certain weeds if they are seeding can spread the danger in lieu of treating it. Also, burning lawn clippings and leaves that may contain a dangerous weed could further expose you and your pet to dangerous toxins. If not removed and killed properly, the problematic weeds could be dispersed and allowed to grow back.

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Dangerous Weeds May Be Attractive

When we hear the word “weed,” some of us assume that it is something unattractive and will be a noticeable intrusion around our lawn. That is not always the case. Some weeds can actually be appealing visually. This makes it even more complicated to know what weeds are safe for your pets on your own.

Getting to the “Root” of the Problem

While most weeds are not deadly per se, they still pose a great risk of making your pet sick. An effective way to limit your furry friends’ exposure to weeds is to utilize preventative measures. A lawn fertilizer service can reduce the threat of dangerous weeds by getting to the “root” of the problem. This process includes providing valuable nutrients to keep your lawn lush while also providing protections from dangerous weeds. A fertilizer service includes routine and seasonal measures that can help ensure that your lawn remains free of dangerous weeds—providing you with peace of mind.