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4 Reasons Why You Should Continue Lawn Treatment Year-round in Hopewell Junction, NY

4 Reasons Why You Should Continue Lawn Treatment Year round in Hopewell Junction NY

Because your lawn is an important part of your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape’s appearance, using year-round lawn treatment services just makes good sense. Consider these reasons why a year-round lawn service can be an excellent investment in your home’s value.

Why Year-round Lawn Care Is Important

Every season has an impact on your lawn, and that is why your care for the lawn tasks shouldn’t end when mowing season is done. Taking care of your lawn in the slow growth and dormant seasons means that when the peak growing times return, all of the preventive maintenance has already been done to provide a strong foundation for a virbrant lawn come springtime.


Fall is a critical time to prepare your lawn for the winter weather that is to come. This is why fall is an ideal time for a full clean-up. Raking the dead leaves from the grass can remove the possibility of mold growing underneath the wet leaves. The leaves can also smother the grass, killing portions from lack of light and oxygen.

Fertilizing your lawn before winter can be a critical treatment to provide nutrients for the winter grass. When you apply a late November fertilizer, your grass can weather the cold months better so that it can return strong and healthy when spring arrives. 

Aerating the lawn in the fall can allow the oxygen and light to reach the roots, giving them nutrition they need to produce a lush stand of grass. The holes that aerating makes are an ideal way to encourage new grass growth from seed, too. 


Although the grass doesn’t seem to be growing, it is still growing at a very slow rate. Keeping branches and debris from the yard during the winter can protect your lawn from damage, thereby eliminating potential problems before they occur. 


Spring can be one of the most labor-intensive seasons as you prepare your lawn for the green-up and growth that is happening. Your lawn needs a boost from fertilizer to encourage the tender roots to begin growing, using the nutrients to bring a full lawn of healthy grass. Each grass type needs a specific fertilizer that can optimize the growth, so it is important to know the composition of your soil and the type of grass you have in your yard. 

Pest control is important at this time as pests and diseases in the lawn can quickly ruin your hard work.  Broadleaf weeds and grubs can make a mess of your lawn, so you want to prevent these problems before they happen.


Summer lawn care is usually all about mowing, but keeping your lawn watered correctly can be just as important. Deep watering less frequently can be more beneficial to your lawn than short, frequent watering. The deep watering can allow the moisture to penetrate the roots, which in turn causes the grass to stay healthy. This approach can also minimize weeds. 

Mowing your lawn on the high side of the cutting depth can protect your grass growth by keeping the roots from receiving too much harsh sun. A sharp blade can also impact the cut, keeping it clean. A  ragged cut from the mower blade leaves your grass susceptible to disease. 

If you want a gorgeous, strong stand of grass for your yard but don’t want to have to keep up with all of the small tasks that make that possible, your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape maintenance service has the equipment, resources, and professional team to give you the landscape you want in every season. 


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