Lawn Treatment Options to Keep Common Pests Away in Poughkeepsie, NY

Pests are one of the biggest problems for your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn, and finding ways to eliminate them can be stressful. Your local landscape professional has treatment options to help you keep these common pests away. 

Lawn Damage from Pests

Lawn Treatment Options to Keep Common Pests Away in Poughkeepsie, NY

When you see brown patches in your lawn or chewed up grass blades, it can be difficult to know what pest is causing the problem. And it can be even more difficult getting rid of the pest. You might see entire portions of the lawn that have died, tunnels from some underground critter that has invaded your yard, or even sections of your flower bed that have been munched away. Beetles lay their eggs in the lawn to hatch, and the grubs (baby beetles) eat until they are mature enough to become beetles. The grubs eat the roots of your grass, especially if you have a turf that is watered with a sprinkler system. When you become frustrated by the damage done, make the wise decision to enlist a professional with the expertise to remedy your problem.  

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Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks love hanging out in your yard as much as they love hanging out on your pets. Fleas can cause extreme itching, and tick bites can carry dangerous diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. Since both of these pests can multiply rapidly, ongoing control is essential to successful eradication. Even when your pets are protected from fleas and ticks, you can still bring them into your home from the outdoors. They can latch onto your clothes and shoes and find their way into your home. A solid plan for pest control can protect your property and your family. 

Pre-Emergent Grub Control

Grubs are small worms that eat away at the roots of your grass to leave an entire area of grass dead. The grass can roll up like a carpet from the damage the grubs cause. But applying a grub control before they hatch is key. Early spring or summer is the time to apply a preventive grub control. 

Deer Repellent

While deer are beautiful to look at, they can cause some pretty substantial damage to your lawn and shrubs. They can find your plants delicious. Deer rely heavily on smell, so if something smells good to them, they will search for the source. Apply a deer repellent to confuse the deer’s sense of smell and taste. This way, they won’t find your landscape so attractive for food. The repellant tastes like a clove of garlic and smells disgusting to the deer. This way, the deer will stay away from your lawn and shrubs.

The Best Solution Is a Healthy Lawn

The very best solution to pests is to maintain a healthy lawn. When your grass is strong and lush, it chokes out the weeds. A regular program of fertilizer in the right seasons gives your grass the nutrients it needs to produce its food. 

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Keeping your lawn clean and free of debris year-round means that disease and pests have no chance to take hold. Regular mowing at the correct height protects the roots of your grass from burning in the hot summer sun, and sharp mower blades protect the grass blades from being ripped which can lead to problems. 

Your local Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn care expert can customize a plan for your landscape to keep it looking its best through any season while also eliminating the pests that cause damage.