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5 Reasons You Should Include an Outdoor Fireplace in Your Patio in Pleasant Valley, NY

5 Reasons You Should Include an Outdoor Fireplace in Your Patio in Pleasant Valley, NY

If you have been thinking of adding an outdoor fireplace to your Pleasant Valley, NY, patio, there is no better time than now. Here are some reasons an outdoor fireplace makes sense.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace has so many benefits and requires minimal upkeep.

Great for Games: With football season in full swing, comfortable outdoor furniture near your fireplace can quickly become the favorite spot for watching your favorite teams play. Whether you love hockey, football or basketball, relaxing near the fire can be the ideal way to spend a weekend or evening enjoying your favorite drink while rooting on your team.

A Wonderful Gathering Space: In any landscape, people naturally gravitate toward an open fireplace to chat and enjoy the warmth. Add in comfortable couches and chairs and you have the outdoor appeal that your friends and family will love. An outdoor fireplace can allow you to host a gathering of any size since your outdoor area can function as another living room—the most popular one!

You Can Cook Out: At any time of the year, when you bring out the s'mores supplies, friends of any age will have fun roasting marshmallows for that sticky, delicious dessert. Roasting marshmallows or hot dogs in the fire leads to laughter and great memories with your favorite people. 

Adds Value and Beauty: An outdoor fireplace adds value and beauty to your home. This landscape feature is one of the top draws for home buyers and can increase the price of your home. 

Increase Privacy: A fireplace is typically surrounded by trees and shrubs that have been strategically placed to increase privacy and seclusion so that no one can invade your space when you are outdoors.  

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

No matter the architectural style of your home and landscape, there is an outdoor fireplace to complement the look you love. If your home is traditional, consider a classic brick fireplace. There are many hues of tan, gray, and red. You can choose a rough textured rock or a sleek, flat surfaced rock to create the outdoor fireplace that fits right into your landscape.

A contemporary home might need an outdoor fire feature with sleek lines and geometric shapes. To expand the urban appearance, you might consider using a lighter colored stone with dark grout, or you might choose a very dark-colored stone to contrast with your lighter-colored patio. 

With a variety of textures, finishes and tones, there is a stone that can make your outdoor fireplace stand out in the landscape as a place of respite and warmth.

Today’s technology allows you to turn your fireplace on and off with the touch of an app, if you wish. Outdoor fireplaces can be gas-powered or wood burning—the choice is up to you. 

Enlist a Professional

Your local landscape service has been building outdoor fireplaces for over 25 years. Their designs are customized to fit your lifestyle while highlighting the beauty of your Pleasant Valley, NY, property. 

Blending beauty and function is their specialty. They focus on the natural features of your yard. Because an outdoor fireplace is a central feature of your yard, they understand that you want it to be perfectly situated and usable whenever you want to light a fire. 

You will thank yourself for this amazing investment when game time rolls around and you have the ideal spot to cheer your team to victory.


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