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Equipment and Services that Ensure Swift Commercial Snow Management in Westchester County, NY

Equipment and Services that Ensure Swift Commercial Snow Management in Westchester County NY

With winter fast approaching, one of the most important preparations you can make for your Westchester County, NY, commercial location is to retain a commercial snow management team that provides swift, reliable service. Choosing a company with the equipment and services that moves snow quickly can be critical so that life and business go on without a hitch.

The Problem with Snow

The problem of snow removal can be a significant issue for commercial properties, with potentially costly consequences. Too much snow and ice can dissuade customers and employees from attempting to enter the building, which can result in lost sales. When parking areas, walkways, and doors are blocked by snow, this can cause potentially hazardous entry conditions, including the potential for slipping and falling, which can cause significant injuries. What is worse is when you have ended up with a company that doesn’t deliver what is promised and you are stuck looking for a back-up.

What Your Snow Removal Should Include

It is important to know what your service encompasses in the way of snow removal and prevention. The scope of service should include exactly what services are to be performed and when, how often the services are to be performed, and which specific areas are included. Something to think about, too, is which areas take priority for first snow removal.

Services to Look For in Commercial Snow Management 

Fleet Size: When the landscape maintenance season ends, many companies turn to commercial snow management in the winter months, but often they might not have enough equipment in their fleet to manage a commercial property well when it snows. Look for a company with a fleet large enough to provide swift service by well-trained professionals who understand top-notch snow removal and ice management.

State of the Art Salt Tracking System: Because salt tracking chemicals can be a variable expense, you want a company with a tracking system to keep an accurate account of the amount used. Are they using too much product, which can affect your costs, when they could use less and get the same results? Because one size does not fit all, you need a company that can provide the timely service you need with knowledge of the bottom-line cost.

De-icing Agent: A high performance de-icing agent can stop snow and ice from bonding with your surfaces while also accelerating ice melt. Either granular or liquid solutions can deliver the de-icing you need for all areas of traffic. 

Equipment for Accurate Tracking: When you need snow and de-icing management services to arrive quickly, you don’t want to have to deal with trucks that get lost or delayed because they can’t find your location. Trucks that are equipped with GPS tracking means that your services arrive in the time you need them with no problem. 

Competitive Pricing: Your snow removal company should offer competitive pricing for snow removal services. 

Your Westchester County, NY, commercial snow removal and de-icing service has been providing plowing, hauling, sanding, salting, calcium chloride applying, and sidewalk clearing services since 1987. As a locally owned and operated company, they will be there when you need snow removal with their own specially trained employees to get the job done efficiently and accurately every time. Committed to dedicated and unparalleled ice management and commercial snow removal services for commercial clients during the winter months, they are your go-to for keeping your location running smoothly.


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