4 Commercial Snow Management Tips for Property Managers in Westchester County, NY

Running a business in winter brings an extra set of hassles and headaches. Make sure your Westchester County, NY, property is ready for winter with reliable commercial snow management services. Selecting the right company is a big responsibility that can affect the safety and well-being of your customers and employees.

Plan Ahead

Commercial snow removal services are always in high demand, and many companies get booked up early. Don’t wait until the snow flies to hire your commercial snow management company—or it may be too late.

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Take the time to read reviews to find a reputable local company. You don’t want to have to wait for your snow removal company to arrive from out of town in the event of a sudden storm. You also want to ensure that the one you choose will have enough staff and equipment to handle the workload. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. maintains a fleet of landscaping vehicles that are ready for commercial snow removal services come winter.

Read the Fine Print

A good commercial snow management company will have a contract that outlines its fees and services. You probably don’t want to offer any compensation to a company without a signed contract in place. Be sure to read the entire contract and ask questions if anything is unclear or seems to be missing. See if the contract clearly states how long after a snowfall or how much accumulation is required before snow removal happens.

Don’t forget to discuss prices and payments before signing the contract. Is payment expected in full at the beginning of the season, or will you receive bills over the course of the winter? Be sure to verify if there are additional costs and if rates are subject to change.

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Always confirm your commercial snow management company is properly licensed and insured for business in your area. In the event of an accident, a reputable, licensed company can help protect you and your business from potential lawsuits.

Prepare Your Property

4 Commercial Snow Management Tips for Property Managers in Westchester County, NY

Make sure your commercial property is ready for the rigors of snow removal. Before the snow falls, do a tour of the grounds and note any damages that may have occurred in the past year. This will serve two purposes. Snow, ice, and heavy equipment can be tough on landscapes and structures. By having any noticeable damage repaired now, you’ll ensure problems won’t get worse over the winter. And, with an accurate account of the state of your property, you’ll be able to confidently address any new damage that occurs over the winter.

Look for a Company That Offers Peace of Mind

You don’t want to have to worry about your commercial property when you’re not on site. The right commercial snow management company will give you peace of mind along with excellent service.

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping offers a state-of-the-art salt-tracking system that monitors salt usage on commercial properties. This automated system sends the data directly to our online database, eliminating errors and delays. The system allows us to moderate salt usage for each property, ensuring your grounds always receive the right amount of salt.

Our vehicles are also equipped with a GPS tracking system, which helps increase efficiency and allows us to accurately predict when snow removal will occur at your site. Tracking snow removal vehicles allows us to monitor workflow and quickly send assistance when necessary.