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The Benefits of Keeping Up with Lawn Maintenance in Wappingers Falls, NY

The Benefits of Keeping Up with Lawn Maintenance in Wappingers Falls NY

Maintaining your Wappingers Falls, NY, lawn can be a big investment in both time and money, but the results can certainly be worth it. Here are some of the benefits of regularly keeping up with the maintenance of those landscape tasks.

How Grass Makes a Difference

If you thought that lush, green grass is only for making your house look great, you would be wrong. Yards filled with grass can actually have a cooling effect on the environment surrounding your home, not to mention they make the whole neighborhood look better. Grass can act to reduce noise pollution as it simultaneously helps to create oxygen. A yard with a thick stand of grass does not face the erosion problems of yards that have sparse stands of grass, while also filtering pollutants from the run-off water. 

Benefits of Professional Lawn Maintenance

Advanced Knowledge: A professional lawn maintenance service cultivates continuing education in the industry that can bring the best practices and additives to your landscape. Your lawn reaps the amazing benefits of all the extra knowledge and skills. 

Many homeowners don’t know how often to water the lawn, the correct mowing height for optimal growth and protection, and a myriad of other factors that can affect the health of your lawn. Lawn service professionals make it their job to know all of the nuances of lawn care to bring the best benefits to their customers. 

Consistent Lawn Care

It can be easy to stay busy with work responsibilities, the kids’ after-school sports and music activities, and other obligations that demand your time. But your lawn care can fall behind. Unless you are regularly attending to the lawn chores, the grass can suffer from too much or too little water. You may not mow your lawn when the grass has grown too high. Weeds grow where they don’t belong, the shrubs need to be trimmed, and the beds need fresh mulch to protect the roots of the plants, but you simply don’t have time for all these tasks.

Less Dangerous 

It can be tempting to climb into a tree to trim branches yourself, but it only takes one fall to break a leg or an arm, and then you will be incapable of doing any yardwork. This can be especially true for older people who try to take on too much yard work and end up in a dangerous situation. A lawn care expert has the tools and machinery to get the job done safely and quickly without the worry of injury. 

More Value

Any real estate professional will say that a well-maintained lawn can boost both the curb appeal of your home and overall value. It also brings more value to your life from the enjoyment that you get from seeing a gorgeous, green lawn and neatly manicured landscape beds. 

Saves Money

Engaging a lawn care service can actually save you money. When you consider how much you spend on fertilizer, mowing equipment, chemicals, trimmers and any other necessities to keep a lawn in good shape, the cost of a service can be very reasonable.

Your Wappingers Falls, NY, has been taking care of your neighbors’ lawns for over 30 years, with all of the tools, chemicals, and expanded knowledge that experience has brought. If you are tired of doing all of the maintenance chores yourself, they are the ones to call for help.


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