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Why Applying Weed Killer Now Will Prevent Weeds Next Spring in Your Poughkeepsie, NY, Yard

Why Applying Weed Killer Now Will Prevent Weeds Next Spring in Your Poughkeepsie NY Yard

The old saying goes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” And this can certainly be true of lawn care. A preventive application of weed killer to your Poughkeepsie, NY, yard in the fall can mean greater weed control for your spring lawn. 

How Weed Killer Works

Have you ever wondered how the weed killer only kills the weeds but not the grass? The answer is that the weed killer is specifically designed to target only the weeds but not the grass. This means that you can apply weed killer to your lawn with confidence, knowing that it will only target the weeds, thanks to modern science. The fall weed killer works by preventing the plant from storing energy to begin growing again in the spring.

When to Apply Fall Weed Killer

Fall weed killer is usually targeted at the perennial weeds that come back season after season. It is strategically applied in the fall to inhibit the growth of weeds that appear in early spring, such as chickweed and clover. Since it is much harder to kill weeds that have already begun to grow, using the weed killer in the fall can prevent many of them from germinating, making the job of weed control much easier. 

Why a Professional Is Your Best Resource

Fertilizer and weed killers and be complicated. Their success depends on the type of grass you have in your yard and the type of weeds you are trying to prevent. Your local landscape service has the knowledge, products, and expertise you need to prevent the spread of weeds. 

Weed Control: They offer pre-emergent weed and grub control for your lawn to keep it weed and pest free in the springtime. By applying weed control in the fall, they are able to prevent the majority of the weeds from germinating. This means that your grass can return with fewer weeds to choke out the oxygen and sunlight it needs to be healthy. 

Fertilizing: Fertilizer is the catalyst to bring your yard back to life in the spring after the cold weather. An early spring fertilizer application can help your grass as it begins the growing season by providing the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Fall fertilizer gives your lawn food to store for the winter so that it can survive while there is not enough sunlight for it to make its own food. Since the hot weather of summer depletes the soil of the necessary nutrients the grass needs to stay healthy, fall fertilizer can bring that food to the roots for storage over the winter. 

Plant Care: Not only can your local landscape service provide installation and care for all of the plants in your landscape, but they can then tailor a program specifically for your plants to prevent disease, pests, and stress from the elements. 

Your local Poughkeepsie, NY, landscape service has 30 years of experience in all your landscape needs—from weed killer to fertilizer to specialized plantings. Their goal is to tailor your property into the showplace you want and then help you to keep it that way through any season. 

With a dedication to exceptional customer service and a commitment to keeping abreast of the latest landscape technology and planting strategies, they can help you rid your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn of weeds and keep it that way.


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