3 Water Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Pleasant Valley, NY, Backyard

Water gardens are known for their elegance and beauty that they add to any landscaping. The peaceful quality of water transforms the landscape through sight and sound. Could a water garden be what your landscape design is missing? If you’re considering a water garden for your Pleasant Valley, NY, home, here are three fantastic ideas that you may want to put into play in your landscaping:

A Naturalistic Pond

For some homeowners, the beauty of a water garden is enhanced by highlighting the natural elements. A naturalistic pond is one that looks like isn’t manmade at all but just happened to be there as a gift from Mother Nature. Some elements that make a water garden look naturalistic are the materials, the variety in flora, and the location. Choose a location that blends in well with other elements of your landscape design, like near the perimeter of your yard at the end of a stepping-stone walkway. A material that resembles stacked stone is a good choice for a natural look. Finally, choose a variety of different plants, like cattails and hornwort. Having plants at different depths most resembles a water garden that your guests would never guess in a million years was manmade.

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Modern Water Garden

A modern take on the water garden is more suitable for those desiring a complement to their contemporary design aesthetic. One way to bring your water garden up to date is to choose a clean-cut shape, like a linear water garden. Choose materials that have a smooth surface and consistent edges. Have your water garden built on the edge of a paver patio or as a divider between two areas, like between your lawn and a seating area. You could also opt to make your water garden a showcase for a minimal amount of plants. For example, you could dedicate your water garden to beautiful water lilies for an elegant touch of green that isn’t too overwhelming.

Focus Feature

3 Water Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Pleasant Valley, NY, Backyard

To really bring your water garden into the forefront, make it the focus feature of your landscape design. Center your water garden in the middle of a paver patio to make it the first thing your guests see when they enter your backyard. A circular shape may look best by allowing maximum space around it and giving your guests a great view no matter where they’re standing. For extra emphasis, add casual seating walls to make it an area where guests can lounge and enjoy the water garden’s beauty. For some foliage worthy of a centerpiece, anchor a few tall water plants like Pickerel Rush, a tall green plant that blooms with a rich purple head. Then you could add in floating water plants, like beautiful lotuses. This display is sure to dazzle and make a fantastic talking point for anyone who comes by to visit your home.

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No matter what kind of water garden you want, it’s a feature that’s sure to add beauty and ambiance to your landscaping space. Whether it’s a naturalistic garden, a modern feature, or a grand focal point of your design, there’s a way to incorporate it in your own unique way. Contact our professionals today for more help designing the perfect water garden for your landscaping.