How to Keep Pets Safe from Weed Killers in Fishkill, NY

When pets are members of your family, you can’t afford to take risks with their health and safety. Sometimes the need arises to take special precautions for these furry friends, such as when weed killer will be applied to ensure your Fishkill, NY, landscape will look its best. Here are some ways to keep pets safe during such times.

Precautions of Using a Weed Killer

Because pets run through the grass and love to relax in a sunny spot, their fur can end up absorbing any chemicals nearby. Studies have shown that chemicals can permeate the skin, and animals do run the risk of licking their fur and ingesting the chemicals they have played near. This is why you’ll want to wait until the weed killer has completely dried before letting Fido out to play.

Precaution #1

Tell the landscape specialist about your specific pets when you first call for lawn service. Some pets may be more sensitive than others to the chemicals applied to kill weeds, so you’ll want to have a conversation about anything the landscape expert knows about the particular weed killer that will be applied. You may want to check in with your veterinarian if you have any particular concerns.

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Precaution #2

On the day of service, keep your pets confined in a kennel, crate, or interior room of the house. This will not only keep them out of harm’s way, but some pets get agitated when people they don’t know work around the house, so confining them could help to keep your pets calmer. Another reason to take this precaution: Pets can be curious about what a stranger is doing and accidentally end up in harm’s way. Also, be sure to collect any toys lying around outside that belong to your pet so that they do not inadvertently get sprayed.

Precaution #3

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours before allowing your pets on treated grass. It’s a must to wait until after the weed killer has dried.

Precaution #4

How to Keep Pets Safe from Weed Killers in Fishkill, NY

It’s also wise to be careful where you walk your dog after weed killer treatment. To be safe in the near term, consider wiping your pets’ paws with wipes or a soapy cloth after they’re outside. A bath can also remove residue. Also watch carefully to ensure that your pets don’t eat any grass when the treatment has not yet dried.

Precaution #5

If you think your pet may have been overexposed to the weed killer applied to your lawn, consult your veterinarian for advice. The vast majority of the time there will not be anything to worry about, but on the rare occasion that you might feel concern, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Expert lawn care professionals are very aware and cautious of exposing any pets on the premises to weed killers. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. has a six-step lawn fertilization program that includes applying the appropriate weed killer at the ideal time, so that your lawn is lush and green in the spring and summer. We care about you and your lawn and your pets!