Advantages of a Concrete Paver Patio over Wooden Decking in Hopewell Junction

Winter is a great time to plan your landscape upgrades. By planning now, you’ll be ready to start your project when spring arrives. Most landscape plans include a deck or patio as a central feature. Both options will add value to your Hopewell Junction, NY, home, but a concrete paver patio offers some advantages over a wooden deck. To help choose between a deck and a patio for your landscape, consider some of these factors.

Lower Maintenance

A lot of maintenance is required to keep a wooden deck looking its best. Wooden decking needs to be cleaned regularly and also requires annual sanding and staining or waterproofing. And there's the additional maintenance of replacing split, rotten, or uneven boards.

With proper installation, a concrete paver patio requires very little maintenance. Applying a sealant will help prevent damages such as cracking and chipping. This process only needs to be repeated every 2-3 years. Repairing concrete pavers is also easier than repairing damaged deck boards. If cracks or chips occur, individual pavers are easy to remove and replace.

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Advantages of a Concrete Paver Patio over Wooden Decking in Hopewell Junction, NY

Concrete pavers are not only attractive, they are extremely strong and durable. They are able to bear heavy weights and withstand regular traffic. Concrete pavers are strong enough for use in a driveway, so they won’t wear underfoot. Steps built with concrete pavers will match your patio and are sturdier than wood. A concrete paver patio is an investment that will last for decades, while a wooden deck will last roughly 8-10 years before needing significant repairs.

Pavers are also weather resistant and are able to withstand extreme conditions without cracking. Wood decking weathers easily and can become uneven with frost and ground shift. Concrete also offers the added benefit of being fire safe. A fireplace is a desirable feature in a backyard, especially in cooler climates. For obvious safety reasons, a fireplace cannot be installed on a wooden deck.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

One of the most appealing features of concrete pavers is their design flexibility. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. No matter what your style preferences are, concrete pavers offer options that will complement your landscape design. They also provide the opportunity to build onto your patio floor. Including seat walls and raised planters in your patio design will create a more functional space.

Coordinating materials are an important factor for a unified landscape that looks well-planned. Concrete pavers make it easy to add matching elements such as a fire feature or outdoor room. An outdoor kitchen built with concrete pavers and wall units will blend seamlessly with your patio and extend your living space to the outdoors.

Pavers are also available to coordinate with the exterior features of your home. Walkways and driveways constructed of matching pavers will help carry the design throughout your landscape.

Cost Effective

While both decks and patios will add value to your home, a patio will provide a higher return-on-investment. Installing a patio is generally less expensive than building a deck. Material costs, repair, and maintenance are more expensive with a deck, so you will also save on upkeep.

A deck is a built structure attached to your home, so a permit is often required before construction can begin. The additional cost and time required to receive permits can make a patio a more desirable option.

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