5 Best Landscape Lighting Solutions for Illuminating Walkways and Steps in Lagrangeville, NY

Lighting for walkways and steps is crucial for a number of reasons, not least of which is safety. Well-lit steps and walkways ensure that visitors to your Lagrangeville, NY, home are able to safely navigate their way to your front door and/or around your backyard when the sun goes down. Good landscape lighting also highlights these features to make them attractive focal points of your landscape in the evenings.

5 Best Landscape Lighting Solutions for Illuminating Walkways and Steps in Lagrangeville, NY

Flood Lighting For Larger Walkways

Flood lights are a popular lighting solution with good reason. Flood lights cast a wide channel of light and covers a larger area than most other landscape lighting options. A wider beam of light being casted means less lighting units need to be installed to illuminate the walkway. These lights also cater to those who also have security concerns. Flood lights can fitted with motion detectors and be programmed to be activated by nearby movement. This feature aids in scaring off intruders as well as ensuring that the lights are switched on the moment you arrive home.

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Hanging Lights For Design and Personality

Hanging Lights are a great choice for creating a cozy landscape. Hanging lights create a welcoming ambience, not only for your walkways, but in the rest of your outdoor area as well. Hanging lights can be installed atop dedicated poles for a more uniform look, or installed in trees along the walkway. Hanging lights are usually enclosed, which means you can have fun choosing a design and deciding how much and of what color of light to let shine through. You could choose a transparent glass lighting unit or a more opaque lantern unit depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Lamps For Functionality

Lamps are a happy medium between functionality and design. They are perfect for people who host large gatherings outdoors after dark since they cast such a wide glow. Not only will lamps light up your walkways they also bathe the surrounding area in a soft glow as well. This can mean that you’ll need fewer fixtures to safely light up your walkways. Lamps come housed and mounted on their own pole so there is no need to find places to hang them. Lamps come in a wide variety of designs and sizes so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect one for your design.

In-Ground Lighting To Accent The Textures of the Walkway

If you are looking for a lighting option that is non-intrusive yet still casts a warm glow across your walkways or steps then in-ground or inlaid lighting is a great choice. These lights are installed flush with the surface of the walkway or steps and take up very little room. The effect of lighting so close to the ground is that it highlights the textures of the hardscape material.

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Wireless LED Lighting To Decrease Energy Consumption

Wireless LED lighting fixtures are an environmentally-friendly option. These lights are installed along your walkway and can be powered by solar supplied batteries that can be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times. LED lighting are highly energy efficient and provide the perfect amount of light to illuminate and showcase your walkway.