How to Care for Your Lawn with Fertilizer Year-Round in Poughkeepsie, NY

Staying on a seasonal fertilizer regimen will help you keep your lawn looking great year round. In Poughkeepsie, NY, all four seasons can have an effect on your lawn’s appearance. This guide, along with the help of Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. will make sure you have the information and resources necessary to obtain a well-kept lawn.

Spring: De-weeding and Regrowth

How to Care for Your Lawn with Fertilizer Year-Round in Poughkeepsie, NY

The start of spring is when a large part of your fertilization and maintenance will be scheduled. The grass is coming out of a dormant state and is ready for nutrients, but there is also another part of your lawn that is also looking for nutrients - weeds! Before fertilization, weeds must be eliminated so they don’t spread. Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. offers a Pre-Emergent weed control program that eliminates the weeds before they start emerging. This is a recommended precaution to take to ensure that your fertilizer isn’t going to broadleaf weeds and dandelions instead of your lawn.

Summer: Protection

When summer arrives, it’s time to protect your grass against the scorching sun. Aside from regular irrigation, most commonly scheduled at dawn, there are also some fertilization options to keep your lawn looking plush and green. The July Fertilizer Program from Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. is everything that’s needed to protect your lawn, as well as improve its nutrient absorption. This organic fertilizer is mechanically placed on the lawn to make sure your turf stays hydrated all season. If summer grubs are an issue in your landscape, Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. can provide your lawn with a grub control treatment to ward off grubs during the peak months of summer.

Autumn: Rejuvenation

September is time for rejuvenation. The summer rays have been beating down on your lawn, so it’s time to give it some TLC. Just as aloe vera helps heal a sunburn, the September Fertilizer Package is designed to repair the grass. Most grass types thrive at temperatures between 65-80 degrees, this means autumn is another opportune time to fertilize and grow your lawn. This fertilizer will help make sure your lawn is at its peak during this recuperation period, which will help your lawn to better defend itself against the harsh winter months.

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Winter: Preparation

Next it’s time to prepare for winter. Snow, water, and freezing temperatures really take a toll on your lawn. To make sure it’s protected against the winter elements, Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. recommends this as one of the important lawn services you can sign up for. The Late Season Winterizer is designed to be applied right before snowfall to avoid damage and brown spots caused by freezing temperatures. This fertilizer aids in nutrient absorption, which is necessary during the cold season when nutrients are scarce. This is a highly proactive form of lawn maintenance, ensuring that when the snow melts, your lawn will be less affected by the winter weather and more inclined to bounce back in full health.

The lawn care professionals at Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. take all four seasons into account when it comes to a fertilization plan for your landscape. Each season can be a crucial time to protect, repair and ensure optimal growth for your grass so it stays beautiful all year. To schedule one or all of these fertilization services, contact Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, Inc. today!