Create a Beautiful Night-Time Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting in Hopewell Junction, NY

Do you wish your family-friendly landscape had a slightly more sophisticated side to it after dark, so that you could welcome guests, or wine and dine in more style? Giving your landscape a completely new night-time look is as easy as changing the layout and design of your outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting can transform the aesthetic of your Hopewell Junction, NY, property, making it more elegant, fun and memorable as a destination. Most importantly, however, landscape lighting keeps you safe after dark and prevents nasty accidents that could otherwise ruin the mood. Here are a few landscape lighting ideas for your next remodel. 

Keeping walkways well-lit

Create a Beautiful Night-Time Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting in Hopewell Junction, NY

Walkways, driveways and other areas with frequent foot traffic are among the most important spots to keep well-lit. This ensures the safety of your guests as they attempt to navigate your landscape after dark. However, illuminating your walkways can also make them more beautiful and transform them from pathways into small destinations of their own. Consider having your walkways lined with vintage lamp posts, which will give them plenty of character, especially when framed by lush greenery. Your walkway lighting should be bright enough  to provide sufficient illumination, but should be down-turned to avoid creating an unpleasant glare.    

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Spotlighting select focal points

Focussing a narrow beam of light on a distinct stand-alone feature can help to transform it into the focal point of a particular outdoor room, or the landscape as a whole. Not only is this a dramatic lighting technique, but it serves to add personality to the landscape design by highlighting a very specific and unique feature. Consider having up-turned lights placed at the base of your favourite sculpture to highlight the curves of its structure, or at the base of a water feature to draw attention to the dynamic movement of water. This technique can also be used to draw attention to particular parts of the patio, where the fire pit or dining area are situated, for example. 

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Characterful mason jars and other decorative fixtures

While there are plenty of functional, effective lighting fixtures with which to illuminate the dining area or keep a walkway safe, these lights serve to add uniqueness and flair to the night-time landscape. They don’t contribute a lot of light, and are generally nestled into the design once all the other lighting fixtures have been positioned. Paper lanterns, for example, can add fun oriental touches to a dining area while mason jars containing tea candles or small bulbs can create a lovely bohemian atmosphere. LED fairy lights are certainly a favorite and can be woven around the branches of nearby trees, or wrapped around the beams of a pergola for romantic ambience or festive cheer. 

Lighting outdoor kitchens and other functional spaces

While decorative lights are effective at creating ambience, proper lighting is required to ensure that you can see what you are preparing, grilling and eating after dark. Ensure that down-turned lights are placed above the grill and counter space for efficient cooking. Nestling strip lights beneath the edges of countertops is also an elegant touch that improves the visibility within your outdoor kitchen. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.