5 Common Commercial Landscaping Challenges in Hudson Valley, NY

The primary goal of commercial landscaping is to develop and maintain well-designed and properly maintained grounds that present the image you want your business to convey to visitors. In that effort, however, your Hudson Valley, NY, commercial landscape could face some challenges—and chances are they fall into one of the categories below. Here’s how to address such challenges for your property.

Excavation and Site Prep

5 Common Commercial Landscaping Challenges in Hudson Valley, NY

Effective excavation does not involve just the removal of dirt—it entails moving the dirt to the right places so that the final landscape drains with minimal to no erosion. When prepping the ground for plants, trees, and grass, the foundation must have no depressions or areas where the soil was filled in and not tamped down—the final result needs to be uniform. Site preparation and excavation are critical first steps that cannot be overlooked for achieving your vision of a greatly improved commercial location.

Irrigation and Drainage

Managing the watering and drainage of a commercial landscape is an ongoing task. When you are watching your money, you don’t want to waste it watering during a rainstorm. Additionally, when a landscape is new, it requires more water than an established landscape might need. Planning and monitoring the irrigation can save time and money.

Drainage is a key component to a successful landscape. Runoff that is not directed to the correct area can end up washing out plants, leaving dirt and debris across the walkways, and cause unsightly erosion. 

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Hardscape and Landscape Installation

Hardscapes should be designed to facilitate the entry points of the building. Visitors should have a clear access to the doors, and this means that walkways must be wide enough to accommodate people walking together comfortably. Low retaining walls can serve as seating for clients as they prepare for a meeting or for employees when they want to take a break outdoors on a nice day. 

The landscape should ideally consist of trees to provide shade on a hot day and seasonal flowers to bring year-round color. Many commercial landscapes have shifted toward more sustainable landscapes by using native plants, ornamental grasses, and small river rocks instead of mulch to retain the moisture in the landscape beds.

Landscape Management

Most facilities managers have a busy schedule and many areas of oversight, so engaging a landscape management company can fulfill the need to make sure that the landscape is always at peak beauty. Because they are uniquely qualified to monitor the growth of the plants, irrigation, and grooming of the landscape, expert landscape management companies can remove the stress of caring for your commercial property.

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Creative Solutions to Problems

Even when a commercial landscape has been carefully thought out and planned, problems can arise. This is where a company experienced in landscape management can implement creative solutions to the problems that crop up. This can be anything from replacing plants that are not thriving to installing lighting for dark areas to enhance safety. 

When you choose a landscape design/build company that can be your single contact from the raw land stage all the way through to the ongoing maintenance of your Hudson Valley, NY, property, you can manage costs better, speed the time to completion, and maximize the return on your investment.