Improve Functionality in Your Dutchess County, NY, Commercial Landscaping

When welcoming your clients and other visitors to your Dutchess County, NY, location, you want the exterior to reflect the quality that you deliver in your business dealings. By keeping the landscape looking fresh and inviting with easily identified entry points, you show that your company values efficiency and practicality while also giving visitors and employees a reason to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some ideas to improve the functionality of your commercial landscaping.

A Clean Exterior

Improve Functionality in Your Dutchess County, NY, Commercial Landscaping

You want to communicate your business brand from the moment your visitors enter the parking lot of your commercial location. If your hardscape features are crumbling and difficult to navigate, this can make visiting unpleasant. If your sidewalks have cracks that could cause stumbling and grass growing in places it shouldn’t, consider having a landscape professional resurface that walkway in gorgeous, current paving stones with an accent border in a darker color.

Easy Navigation

A well-planned commercial landscape design makes walking from the parking area to the building’s entry seamless. Walkways should be wide enough to accommodate visitors who are walking together in pairs discussing business on the way inside. Establish a pleasant experience for all of your visitors with a modern walkway and clear entryway, free of any distractions that a too narrow walkway might cause.

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Complement with Softscape Beauty

Once the hardscape elements have been refreshed with updated stones and pavers, don’t neglect the softscape. Fill in any bare spots that may be present in the grassy areas, and keep the grass on a fertilization schedule so that it is lush and green. Incorporating seasonal color with flowers and various greens of shrubs also helps keep your commercial exterior looking fresh and enticing. Showing your clients that you care about the small details reflects the care that you also take in the details of your business dealings. Thoughtful softscape planning can make your landscape look inviting no matter the time of year.

Add Green Space

Many companies today have established green space for both employees and visitors to enjoy any of their free moments outside. When clients arrive early for a presentation or meeting, having a green space for them to go over last minute notes is a plus. Stone seating near a patch of flowers or a fragrant bush can put them in a good mood and the right frame of mind for an important appointment.

Keep It Spotless

Keeping your landscape clean and well-kept impresses those who visit. You don’t want the possibility that someone could trip and fall from a sidewalk crack or an icy surface. Likewise, limbs and leaves that cover the sidewalks detract from the care that you have put into your landscape, so keeping the landscape clean on a regular basis limits liability of potential injury.

A regular mowing schedule along with refreshed mulch or pine needles means that visitors will be greeted with a fresh and clean landscape no matter what time of year they visit. Clear, spotless entry ways make arriving and locating the doors effortless.

Your landscape design/build company can resurface or replace your hardscape features with landscape paving stones that will serve your commercial landscaping well for years to come. In addition, regular attention to your the needs of the landscape—mowing, fertilization, and seasonal flowers—will keep your property in optimal shape.