Why You Should Hire an Arborist to Maintain Tree Health in Pleasant Valley, NY

When your landscape is a source of pleasure and pride for you, you want to keep it looking its best. You may find it difficult to know if your trees are truly healthy, but if one dies, that can cause alarm for health of the rest of your trees. An arborist can take the worry out of admiring your trees and help you keep your Pleasant Valley, NY, trees healthy and thriving throughout the year.

What Does an Arborist Do?

Why You Should Hire an Arborist to Maintain Tree Health in Pleasant Valley, NY

An arborist manages, cultivates, and cares for the health of trees specifically, but in general for all living plants. They understand the needs of trees, and will use their experience to figure out what ails your tree or how its health can be maintained.

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Why Hire an Arborist Over a General Landscaper?

While a landscape company can plant trees in your yard, not all companies have the knowledge and skills to diagnose problems and provide solutions to keep your trees healthy. An arborist can recommend specific trees and unique species that will thrive for many years in the New York climate. Look for a landscape company that has deep knowledge of the unique needs of varieties of trees in your area.

Correct Pruning

When the fall and spring arrive, your trees may need a little extra care in the way of pruning. Trees can become stressed from the heat of summer, and sometimes that causes limbs to die or a tree to grow unevenly. An arborist has the ability to trim those portions of the tree that are not healthy to allow the other parts of the tree to receive the sunlight and oxygen they need to grow well. After the winter weather passes by, your trees might be recovering from sustained damage from wind, ice, and snow. When this happens, branches can break and splinter, leaving your tree looking lopsided. An arborist can come in and trim your trees so that when they leaf out, the shape is pleasing. 

Storm Damage

Storms can leave trees exposed such as when lightning strikes and splits part of the tree off. What should be done about the portion still standing? This is where arborists can help you determine the best course of action for damaged trees since they can provide emergency care. 

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Soil Problems

Employing an arborist to perform deep root fertilization can increase the growth of your trees which in turn can help to prevent pest infestation. Applied in the fall, an antitranspirant can help to reduce water loss. 

Many times the soil surrounding the trees can be compacted or have too much salt, which can stunt tree growth. The arborist can determine any soil problems and apply remedies for bringing your trees back to optimal health. 

An arborist can also develop a plant care program uniquely tailored to your landscape. Because trees and shrubs are a long-term investment in your Pleasant Valley, NY, property, you’ll want to ensure that they receive proper care to thrive for many years to come. 

Large, gorgeous trees are not only good for producing shade and beauty in your landscape, but they are good for the environment, too. Healthy trees can be a main factor in curb appeal for your landscape, and a knowledgeable arborist can help you keep them in top form.